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O2Gold [TSX-V:OTGO-H] - Columbia gold projects
O3 Mining [TSX-V:OIII] - Projects in Qu�bec and Ontario
OD6 Metals [ASX:OD6] - Australian Rare Earth Metals for Green Technologies
OK2 Minerals is now Norra Metals
OM Holdings [ASX:OMH] - Integrated manganese and silicon metals company.
ORE Group companies: American Eagle Gold, Baselode Energy, Metasl Energy, Mistango River Resources, OreCap, and QC Copper & Gold
O.T. Mining [OTC:OTMN] - Developing the Ruby Mine (Montana, USA), and several mining projects in Quebec via Namex Explorations (25% owned)
OZ Minerals was acquired by BHP (May 2, 2023)
Oakdale Resources is now Oar Resources
Oakland Resources is now Castillo Copper
Oakley Ventures is now Ameriwest Lithium
Oar Resources (was Oakdale Resources) [ASX:OAR] - Nevada Peru gold
Oasis Diamond Exploration became Temoris Resources, now Glen Eagle Resources
Oban Mining changed it name to Osisko Mining on June 14, 2016
Oberon Uranium [CSE:OBRN] - Lucky Boy mine in Arizona, USA
Ocean Park Ventures became Dunnedin Ventures, now Kodiak Copper
OceanaGold [TSX:OGC] - Global gold mining company with a strong presence in Philippines, New Zealand and United States
Oceana Lithium [ASX:OCN] - Lithium Pegmatite Exploration, Brazil & Australia
Oceanic Iron Ore [TSX-V:FEO] - Iron ore project in the Ungava region of northern Quebec
Oceanus Resources is now Silver Tiger Metals
Octava Minerals [ASX:OCT] - West Australian based Lithium, PGM's and Gold Exploration Company
Odessa Minerals [ASX:ODE] - Australian diamond explorer
Odette Six Metals [ASX:OD6] - Australian rare earth metals
Odin Metals (was Lawson Gold) is now G11 Resources
Odin Mining is now Lumina Gold
Odisha Mining Corporation - Major minerals mined by OMC are chrome, iron and manganese ore
Odyssey Marine Exploration [NASDAQ:OMEX] - Archaeological excavation and recovery of specie and artifacts from shipwreck sites
Odyssey Resources [TSX-V:ODXh] - Focus on base and precious metals across the Middle East and North Africa
Okapi Resources is now Global Uranium And Enrichment
Oklo Resources was acquired by B2Gold
Oliver Gold became Canico Resource, which was acquired by Vale
Olivut Resources [TSX-V:OLV] - Diamonds
Olympus Pacific Minerals is now Besra Gold
Omai Gold Mines [TSX-V:OMG] - The Omai Gold Mine is located in Guyana. Previously Operated by Cambior Resources and subsequently acquired by IAMGOLD
Omax Resources is now Euromax Resources
Omega Corp Limited was acquired by Denison Mines
Omineca Mining [TSX-V:OMM] - Western Canada
Omnia Metals Group [ASX:OM1] - Exploration projects in Western Australia and Northern Territory
ONA Group (Omnium Nord Africain) merged with Soci�t� Nationale d'Investissement (SNI) or National Investment Company, a large private Moroccan holding company controlled by the Moroccan royal family
On Track Exploration - Uranium and iron ore properties in Northern Quebec and British Columbia
One World Lithium [CSE:OWLI] - Salar del Diablo Property located in Baja California Norte, Mexico
OnGold Resources [TSX-V:ONAU] - Capitalizing on District Scale Exploration in Ontario, Canada
Ontario Graphite [private] - The Kearney Mine, located in Kearney, Ontario, Canada
Ontex Resources and Roxmark Mines merged to form Goldstone Resources, renamed Premier Gold Mines, acquired by Equinox Gold
Onyx Gold [TSE-V:ONYX] - Projects in the Timmins, Ontario gold camp and the Selwyn Basin area of the eastern Yukon Territory.
ONTZINC is now Hudbay Minerals
Opawica Explorations [TSE-V:OPW] - Teck-Kirkland Property (near Kirkland Lake, Ontario) and Bro Property (Yukon Territory)
Ophir Gold (was MinKap Resources) [TSX-V:OPHR] - Breccia Gold Project, Lemhi County, Idaho
Optimum Ventures was acquired by Blackwolf Copper and Gold
Opus One Gold Corporation [TSX-V:OOR] - Abitibi Greenstone Belt of northwestern Quebec
Ora Banda Mining (was Eastern Goldfields) [ASX:OBM] - Davyhurst Gold Project, Eastern Goldfields of Western Australia
Orange Minerals [ASX:OMX] - Gold and copper exploration company with projects on the historic Lachlan Fold Belt in New South Wales and the Eastern Goldfields in Western Australia
Orbis Gold (was Mt Isa Metals) was acquired by SEMAFO, which was acquired by Endeavour Mining
Orca Gold is now Perseus Mining
Ord River Resources is now Vango Mining
Orea Mining (was Columbus Gold) [TSX:OREA] - Gold exploration and development company operating in French Guiana
OreCap (was Orefinders Resources) [TSX-V:OCI] - Gold assets in Abitibi District, Canada
OreCorp is now Perseus Mining
Orefinders Resources is now OreCap
Oremex Silver is now Monarca Minerals
Orestone Mining [TSX-V:ORS] - Explores for gold and copper in British Columbia, Canada and Chile
Orex Exploration was acquired by Anaconda Mining, now Signal Gold
Orex Minerals [TSX-V:REX] - Peru
Orexplore Technologies [ASX:OXT] - Scanning minerals in rock
Orezone Gold Corporation [TSX:ORE] - Bombor� gold deposit in Burkina Faso
Orezone Resources was acquired by IAMGOLD
Orford Mining was acquired by Alamos Gold
Orica [ASX:ORI] - Commercial explosives and innovative blasting systems to the mining, quarrying, oil and gas and construction markets, a leading supplier of sodium cyanide for gold extraction, and a specialist provider of ground support services in mining and tunnelling
Oriel Resources was acquired by Mechel
Oriental Minerals became Woulfe Mining, acquired by Almonty
Origen Resources [CSE:ORGN] - (mineral assets spun-out from Explorex Resources)
Origin Gold is now O2Gold
Original Sixteen to One Mine One of the last remaining hard-rock gold mines in California
Orinoco Gold was liquidated
Orion Metals [ASX:ORM] - Queensland projects
Orion Minerals (was Orion Gold) [ASX:ORN] - Projects in Australia and South Africa
Orion Resource Partners - Specializes in institutional metals and mining investment strategies in the base and precious metals space
Orko Silver was acquired by Coeur Mining
Orla Mining [TSX-V:ORA] - Cerro Queman, Panama
Orminex is now Labyrinth Resources
Ormonde Mining plc [LSE:ORM] - Irish-based company actively seeking exploration opportunities in precious metals, with a focus on Iberia and Morocco
Oro Mining became Marlin Gold Mining which merged with Golden Reign Resources to form Mako Mining
Oro Verde is now Ionic Rare Earths
Oro X (was Western Pacific Resources) is now Silver X Mining
Oroco Resource [TSX-V:OCO] - Cerro Prieto Project in northern Sonora State, Mexico.
Orocobre, after merging with Galaxy Resources was renamed Allkem
Orogen Royalties (Evrim Resources and Renaissance Gold merged) [TSX-V:OGN] - Precious metal royalties
Oromin Explorations was acquired by Teranga Gold, acquired by Endeavour Mining
Oropa Limited is now Sihayo Gold
Orosur Mining [TSX-V:OMI] - Operates the only producing gold mine in Uruguay (San Gregorio). Exploration in Uruguay, Chile, and Argentina. (was Uruguay Mineral Exploration)
Oroya Mining became Dakota Minerals, then Exore Resources, which was acquired by Perseus Mining
Orpheus Uranium (was Argonaut Resources) [ASX:ORP] - South Australia and the Northern Territory.
Orsa Ventures was acquired by Alamos Gold
Orsu Metals [TSE-V:OSU-H] - Gold and base metal projects in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan
Ortac Resources is now Arc Minerals
Orvana Minerals [TSE:ORV] - International minerals exploration company with properties in North and South America, the Caribbean and Europe
Osino Resources [TSX-V:OSI] - Gold in Namibia
Osisko Development [TSX-V:ODV] - Cariboo Mining District of central British Columbia
Osisko Gold Royalties [TSX:OR] - Qu�bec-based royalty and stream company. Osisko currently owns a 5% net smelter return royalty (�NSR�) on the Canadian Malartic Mine
Osisko Metals [TSX-V:OM] - Base metals with a focus on zinc mineral assets.
Osisko Mining [TSX:OSK] - Focused on the acquisition, exploration, and development of precious metal resource properties in Ontario and Quebec, Canada. (formerly Oban Mining)
Osisko Mining Canadian Malartic Mine was acquired by Agnico Eagle and Yamana in 2014, now 100% owned by Agnico Eagle Mines
Osmond Resources [ASX:OSM] - Focused on gold and base metals discoveries in South Australia and Victoria
Osprey Gold was acquired by MegumaGold
Otis Gold was acquired by Excellon Resources
Otso Gold (was Nordic Gold) is Insolvent
Otter Gold was acquired by Normandy, now Newmont
Outback Goldfields (was Skarb Exploration) [TSX-V:OZ] - Gold projects located around the Fosterville Gold Mine in Victoria, Australia.
Outcrop Silver (was Miranda Minerals) [TSX-V:OCG] - Colombia
Outokumpu [Helsinki:OUT1V] - Versatile metals group (base metals production, stainless steel, copper products and technology.) operating worldwide
Overland Resources is now Renegade Exploration
Oxiana Resources merged with Zinifex Limited to form OZ Minerals, who was acquired by BHP (May 2, 2023)
Oz Lithium (was Australian Goldfields) is now Critical Reagent Processing
OZ Minerals was acquired by BHP (May 2, 2023)
OzAurum Resources [ASX:OZM] - Norseman-Wiluna Greenstone Belt., Western Australia
Ozz Resources [ASX:OZZ] - Western Australian focussed gold and base metal explorer

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