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Lithium Information
Most lithium is produced in Australia and Chile, with the bulk of the world�s reserves straddling huge salt flats in South America, mainly in Chile, Bolivia and Argentina.
Global X Lithium & Battery Tech ETF [NYSE:LIT] - Invests in the full lithium cycle, from mining and refining the metal, through battery production.
FastMarkets Battery Materials -
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Wikipedia: Lithium - The soft, silver-white alkali metal is an important component of battery electrolytes and electrodes.
USGS - Lithium Statistics and Information.
USGS Lithium Information
Source: USGS Mineral Commodity Summaries 2022

Lithium Stocks
5E Advanced Materials (was American Pacific Borate & Lithium) [ASX:5EA] -
A.I.S. Resources [TSX-V:AIS] - Lithium resource projects in Argentina�s world-renowned Lithium Triangle.
AJN Resources [CSE:AJN] - Nevada lithium.
FE Battery Metals (was First Energy Metals) [CSE:FE] - Augustus Lithium Property in Quebec
Aberdeen International [TSX:AAB] - Sal de los Angeles lithium-potash brine project located in Salta, Argentina
Advance Lithium (was Advance Gold) [TSX-V:AALI] - Lithium-potassium-boron salars in central Mexico
Advantage Lithium became Orocobre, merged with Galaxy Resources, now is now Allkemn
Albemarle [NYSE:ALB] - Global specialty chemicals company with leading positions in lithium, bromine, refining catalysts and applied surface treatments.
Alchemist Mining is now Lithos Energy
Allkem (merger of Orocobre and Galaxy Resources) [ASX:AKE] - Lithium brine and borax operations in Argentina, a hard-rock lithium operation in Australia and a lithium hydroxide conversion facility in Japan.
Alpha Lithium (was Voltaic Minerals) [CBOE:ALLI] - Tolillar Salar, Argentina
Altura Mining is now Morella Corporation
American Lithium [TSX-V:LI] - Acquisition, exploration and development of lithium deposits within mining-friendly jurisdictions throughout the Americas.
American Pacific Borate & Lithium is now 5E Advanced Materials
American Potash (was New Tech Minerals) [CSE:KCL] - Lithium and Potash resources in the Paradox Basin, SE Utah and SW Colorado.
Ameriwest Lithium (was Oakley Ventures) [CSE:AWLI] - Nevada
Arcadium Lithium (merger of Livent Corporation and Allkem Limited) [ASX:LTM] - Operating resources in Argentina and Australia and downstream conversion assets in the U.S., China, Japan, and the U.K.
Arctic Fox Lithium [CSE:AFX] - Kana Lake Lithium Project in the James Bay Region of Quebec
Argentina Lithium & Energy [TDX-V:LIT] - Focused on acquiring high quality lithium projects in Argentina
Arizona Lithium (was Hawkstone Mining) [ASX:AZL] - Lithium projects in the USA
Astute Metals (was Astro Resources) [ASX:ASE] - Nevada Lithium, USA
Atlantic Lithium [ASX:A11] - West Africa
Atlas Lithium (was Brazil Minerals) [OTC:ATLX] - Lithium and other battery minerals in Brazil
Avalon Advanced Materials [TSX:AVL] - Separation Rapids Lithium Project near Kenora, Ontario
Avarone Metals [CSE:AVM-X] - Moab Lithium Project
Bacanora Lithium was acquired by Ganfeng Lithium
Battery Age Minerals [ASX:BM8] - Falcon Lake Lithium Project located in Ontario, Canada.
Bearing Lithium was acquired by Lithium Power International (Effective December 22, 2022)
Birimian became Mali Lithium is now Firefinch
Bradda Head Lithium [LSE:BHL] - Projects in Arizona and Nevada, USA
British Lithium - Holds exploration rights over much of Cornwall and Devon's most prospective ground
Cadence Minerals [LSE:KDNC] - Iron ore and lithium deposits
Century Lithium (was Cypress Development Corporation) [TSX-V:LCE] - Clayton Valley Lithium Project in Nevada, USA
Clean Commodities is now Dixie Gold
Clear Sky Lithium is now Power Lithium
Comet Lithium (was X-Terra Resources, previously Canadian Empire Exploration) [TSX-V:CLIC] - Liberty Project in the James Bay Region of Quebec
Consolidated Lithium Metals (was Jourdan Resources) [TSX-V:CLM] -
Core Lithium [ASX:CXO] - Finniss Lithium Project, located near Darwin in the Northern Territory in Australia.
Critical Elements Corporation [TSX-V:CRE] - Rose Lithium-Tantalum project in Quebec.
Critical Reagent Processing (was Oz Lithium, previously Australian Goldfields) [CSE:CRPC] - Laguna Santa Maria Project, Argentina
Dark Horse Resources (formerly Navaho Gold) is now NewPeak Metals
Delta Lithium (Formerly Red Dirt Metals) [ASX:DLI] - West Australian lithium assets
Desert Lion Energy was acquired by Lepidico
Desoto Resources [ASX:DES] - Gold and lithium in Northern Territory, Australia
Discovery Lithium (was ISM Resources) [CSE:DCLI] - Northern Quebec region of Nunavik.
Dixie Gold [TSX-V:DG] - Portfolio of exploration projects, including gold, lithium and uranium assets in Canada.
E3 Lithium [TSX-V:ETL] - Petro-Lithium in Alberta
EMP Metals (was Sentinel Resources) [CSE:EMPS] - Lithium in North America
EV Resources [ASX:EVR] - Green technology metals in Australia and lithium in Europe
Empire Metals [TSX-V:EP] - Fox Creek Lithium Project located in Fox Creek Alberta. (formerly Ultra Resources)
Estrella Resources [ASX:ESR] - Holds Lithium exploration and mining rights agreements with Apollo Phoenix Resources
Eureka Lithium (was Scout Minerals) [CSE:EKRA] - McKinney Property located in the Osoyoos mining division of British Columbia
European Energy Metals (was Hilo Mining) [TSX-V:FIN] - Lithium in Finland
European Lithium [ASX:EUR] - Wolfsberg Lithium Project in Austria
European Metals [ASX:EMH] - Cinovec Lithium / Tin Project in Czech Republic.
Evergreen Lithium [ASX:EG1] - Lithium in the Northern Territory and Western Australia.
FMC Lithium is now Livent
Firefinch (was Mali Lithium) [ASX:FFX] - Goulamina Lithium Project and Morila Gold Project in Mali.
First Energy Metals is now FE Battery Metals
Foremost Lithium (was Far Resources) [CSE:FAT] - Lithium projects in Snow Lake District, Manitoba, and Winston Gold/Silver Project in New Mexico
Forza Lithium is now Planet Green Metals
Frontier Lithium [TSX-V:FL] - The PAK Lithium Project north of Red Lake in northwestern Ontario
Galan Lithium [ASX:GLN] - Projects in the South American Lithium Triangle in Argentina.
Ganfeng Lithium [Shenzhen:002460] - Largest lithium metals producer in terms of production capacity as of December 31, 2017,
Galaxy Resources merged with Orocobre, now Allkem
Global Lithium Resources [ASX:GL1] - Emerging Pilbara Lithium Explorer
Global X Lithium ETF [NYSE:LIT] - Invests in the full lithium cycle, from mining and refining the metal, through battery production.
Green Technology Metals [ASX:GT1] - North American lithium projects
Grounded Lithium [TSX-V:GRD] - Kindersley Lithium Project
Hawkstone Mining is now Arizona Lithium
HeliosX (was Dajin Resources) [TSX-V:HX] - Lithium in Argentina, Canada, and Nevada
Hertz Lithium [CSE:HZ] - Lucky Mica Project, Arizona, USA
Iconic Minerals [TSX-V:ICM] - Bonnie Claire Lithium Project in Nevada.
Infinite Ore is now Imagine Lithium
Imagine Lithium [TSX-V:ILI] - Jackpot Lithium property located in the Georgia Lake Area, Thunder Bay, Ontario.
Infini Resources [ASX:I88] - Lithium and Uranium Exploration
Infinity Lithium [ASX:INF] - 75% owned San Jose Lithium Project, Spain.
International Lithium [TSX-V:ILC] - Lithium resource developer with a global portfolio of lithium assets.
Ion Energy [TSX-V:ION] - Lithium in Mongolia
Ioneer [ASX:INR] - Rhyolite Ridge Lithium-Boron Project, Nevada, USA.
Jadar Resources is now EV Resources
James Bay Minerals [ASX:JBY] - Lithium projects within the James Bay region of Quebec
Jourdan Resources is now Consolidated Lithium Metals
Kali Metals [ASX:KM1] - Hard-rock lithium fields in Australia
Kodal Minerals Plc [LSE:KOD] - Lithium and gold exploration projects in West Africa
Li3 Energy was acquired by Bearing Lithium
Lancaster Resources/ [CSE:LCR] - Lithium in New Mexico (USA) and Quebec (Canada)
Latitude Consolidated is now Meeka Metals
Leo Lithium [spin out of Firefinch] [ASX:LLL] - Goulamina Lithium Project in Mali
Lepidico [ASX:LPD] - Lithium company
LSC Lithium was acquired by Pluspetrol Resources Corporation B.V.
Li-FT Power [TSX-V:LIFT] - Yellowknife Lithium Project and projects located in the James Bay region of Quebec Canada
Lithex Resources became Ultracharge, now Suvo Strategic Minerals
Lithium Americas [TSX:LAC] - Focused on the exploration for lithium, potassium, borax and other minerals in South America.
Lithium Australia [ASX:LIT] - Lithium projects in Western Australia and Mexico. Graphite in Western Australia.
Lithium Chile [TSX-V:LITH] - Owns fifteen projects, encompassing 152,900 hectares on Li-rich Salars in Chile
Lithium Consolidated Mineral Exploration is now Tempest Minerals
Lithium Energi Exploration [TSX-V:LEXI] - Strategic acquisition, exploration and development of lithium brine assets in Argentina.
Lithium Energy Limited [ASX:LEL] - Solaroz Lithium Project in Argentina and the Burke Graphite Project in Queensland.
Lithium Ionic [TSX-V:LTH] - Aracuai lithium province in Minas Gerais State, Brazil
Lithium Lion Metals (was Gold Lion Resources) [CSE:LLM] - James Bay region of Quebec, Canada
Lithium One was acquired by Galaxy Resources, merged with Orocobre, now Allkem
Lithium Plus Minerals [ASX:LPM] - Projects in Northern Territory, Australia
Lithium Power International [ASX:LPI] - Chile
Lithium Royalty [TSX:LIRC] - Battery Materials Royalties & Streams
Lithium South (was NRG Metals) [TSX-V:LIS] - Hombre Muerto North Project in Argentina
Lithium X Energy was acquired by NextView New Energy Lion Hong Kong Ltd
LithiumBank Resources [TSX-V:LBNK] - Developing Direct Brine Battery Grade Lithium Resources in Western Canada
Lithos Energy (was Alchemist Mining) [NEO:LITS] - Lithium Production Without Evaporation Ponds
Loyal Lithium (was Monger Gold) [ASX:LLI] - Hidden Lake Lithium Project in Yellowknife, Northern Territories of Canada
MGX Minerals [OTC:MGXMF] - Operates lithium, magnesium and silicon projects throughout British Columbia and Alberta.
MacArthur Minerals [TSX-V:MMS] - Lithium in Western Australian
Madi Minerals is now Pegmatite One Lithium
Mali Lithium is now Firefinch
Metalicity [ASX:MCT] - Cobalt, lithium and zinc
MetalsTech [ASX:MTC] - Quebec lithium exploration
Millennial Lithium was acquired by Lithium Americas
Morella Corporation (was Altura Mining ) [ASX:1MC] - Fcused on lithium and battery minerals, with project opportunities in Australia and the USA.
NOA Lithium Brines [TSX-V:NOAL] - Claims located at the Arizaro Salar in Salta Province, Argentinas
NRG Metals is now Lithium South
Nemaska Lithium - James Bay region (Northern Quebec), Canada.
Neo Lithium was acquired by Zijin Mining
Neometals [ASX:NMT] - Mt Marion Lithium Project, Western Australia. Jointly owned by Neometals Ltd (13.8%), Mineral Resources Ltd (43.1%) and one of China's largest lithium producers Jiangxi Ganfeng Lithium Co., Ltd (43.1%).
Nevada Energy Metals became Nickel Rock Resources, now Grid Battery Metals
Nevada Sunrise Gold [TSX-V:NEV] - 100% interest in the Neptune, Clayton NE, and Aquarius projects, all lithium brine exploration properties located in the Clayton Valley,
New Age Metals [TSX-V:NAM] - Platinum and lithium.
New Tech Minerals is now American Potash
Noram Lithium (was Noram Ventures) [TSX-V:NRM] - North American focus on lithium
Nordic Mining [Oslo:NOM] - lithium deposits located in the Kaustinen and Kokkola municipalities in the Ostrobothnia region of Finland.
Norris Lithium (was Copper Ridge Exploration) was acquired by Lithium One (September 27, 2023)
Nova Lithium [CSE:NVLI] - Clayton Valley, Nevada
Oceana Lithium [ASX:OCN] - Lithium Pegmatite Exploration, Brazil & Australia
One World Lithium [CSE:OWLI] - Salar del Diablo Property located in Baja California Norte, Mexico
Orocobre merged with Galaxy Resources, now Allkem
Oz Lithium (was Australian Goldfields) is now Critical Reagent Processing
Pan Global Resources [TSX-V:PGZ] - Lithium exploration licenses in Serbia
Patagonia Lithium [ASX:PL3] - Properties in the lithium triangle in Argentina (Salta Province and Jujuy Province)
Patriot Lithium [ASX:PAT] - Hard rock lithium projects in the US
Pegmatite One Lithium (was Madi Minerals) [CSE:PGA] - Georgina Property, Vancouver Island,, Canada
Piedmont Lithium [ASX:PLL] - Piedmont Lithium Project in North Carolina
Pilbara Minerals [ASX:PLS] - Pilgangoora Lithium-Tantalum Project,
Pioneer Resources is now Essential Metals
Power Lithium (was Clear Sky Lithium) [CSE:POWR] - ELi property in southwestern Nevada
Q2 Metals [TSX-V:QTWO] - Mia Lithium Project in the James Bay area of Quebec
QMC Quantum Minerals [TSX-V:QMC] - Lithium in Manitoba.
Queensland Pacific Metals (was Pure Minerals) [ASX:QPM] - Producer of critical chemicals for the emerging lithium ion battery and electric vehicle sector.
RT Minerals [TSX-V:RTM] - Gold in Ontario. Lithium in Quebec
Rainmaker Resources [TSX-V:RMG] - Uranium in Saskatchewan. Lithium in Nevada. (was Thunder Sword Resources)
Refined Energy [CSE:RUU] -
Rock Tech Lithium [TSX-V:RCK] - Georgia Lake Lithium Project.
Rockwood Holdings, the parent company of Rockwood Lithium, a leading provider of lithium, cesium, barium and zirconium compounds, was acquired by Albemarle
SQM [NYSE:SQM] - Largest lithium producer in the world.
Sienna Resources [TSX-V:SIE] - Clayton Valley Deep Basin Lithium Brine Project
Sigma Lithium Resources [TSX-V:SGML] - Grota do Cirilo property in Brazil.
Six Sigma Metals (was Botswana Metals) [ASX:SI6] - Lithium and vanadium
Snow Lake Energy [NASDAQ:LITM] - Thompson Brother Lithium Project, Manitiba, Canada
South American Lithium [CSE:SALI] - El Quemado project, Argentina
Sovereign Lithium [OTC:SLCO] - Projects primarily targets lithium production with a sub-focus on rare earth elements
Spearmint Resources [TSX-V:SRJ] - Lithium exploration in Nevada and Quebec.
Spod Lithium (was EEE Exploration) [CSE:SPOD] - Mining properties containing battery, base and precious metals in Ontario and Quebec
Standard Lithium [TSX-V:SLI] - The Smackover formation in South Arkansas.
Stria Lithium [TSX-V:SRA] - Pontax-Lithium property, strategically located in the west-central James Bay territory
Strike Resources [ASX:SRK] - Solaroz Lithium Project (Argentina)
Surge Battery Metals (Formerly Copper Creek Gold) [TSX-V:NILI] - Cobalt and Lithium
Talison Lithium - Mines and processes the lithium bearing mineral spodumene at its Greenbushes Lithium Operations in Western Australia.
Tantalex Lithium Resources [CSE:TTX] - Lithium, Cobalt, Tantalum and other high-tech mineral properties in Africa
Tianqi Lithium [Shenzhen:002466] - Our businesses include mining and producing of lithium concentrate and manufacturing of lithium compounds.
Triple One Metals (was MLK Gold) [CSE:TONE] - Triple One Lithium Project in southwestern Newfoundland.
USA Rare Earth [private] - Round Top Mountain, Texas, hosts a large range of critical Rare Earth Elements including Lithium, High-Tech metals, Uranium and Beryllium
Ultra Lithium [TSX-V:ULT] - Gold and lithium in Argentina and Canada..
Venus Metals [ASX:VMC] - Lithium-Tantalum Projects in WA.
Vision Lithium [TSX-V:VLI] - Sirmac Lithium property and the Dome Lemieux copper property both located in Quebec Canada.
Voltaic Minerals is now Alpha Lithium
Vulcan Energy Resources [ASX:VUL] - Lithium resource, in the Upper Rhine Valley of Germany.
Wealth Minerals [TSX-V:WML] - Chile
Weekapaug Lithium (formerly, Eagle I Capital Corporation) [CSE:GRUV] - Nakina Li Property located in Northern Ontario, Canada
Western Lithium Corporation is now Lithium Americas
Westwater Resources [NASDAQ:WWR] - Portfolio includes graphite and lithium while retaining our strong position in uranium
Winsome Resources [ASX:WR1] - Lithium exploration in the James Bay Region of Quebec Province, Canada
Woomera Mining [ASX:WML] - Gawler Craton and Musgrave Province in South Australia. Lithium in Western Australia
Zinnwald Lithium (was Erris Resources) [LSE:ZNWD] - Zinnwald Lithium Project located in Germany

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