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B2Gold [TSX:BTO] - Gold and precious metal properties in Colombia and Far East Russia.
BBX Minerals [ASX:BBX] - Mineral properties in South America. (Brazil and Peru)
BCI Minerals (was BCI Iron) [ASX:BCI] - Nullagine Project located in the Pilbara region of Western Australia
BCGold [TSX-V:BCG] - British Columbia and Yukon properties
BCM Resources [TSX-V:B] - British Columbia molybdenum properties
BHP [NYSE:BHP] - Website for the merger BHP Limited and Billiton plc, one of the world's largest diversified resource companies
BRGM France's leading specialist in the surface and subsurface geosciences. Mining activities are carried out by companies specialized in gold, industrial minerals and base metals within the LaSource Companie minière Group
BSG Resources Limited - Diversified natural resource company active since 1998 with a global presence, mainly active in Africa and CIS.
BTU Metals [TSX-V:BTU] - Dixie Halo gold project in Ontario's Red Lake district.
BWR Exploration [TSX-V:BWR] - Little Stull Lake Gold Project, Manitoba.\
Bacanora Lithium [TSX-V:BCN] - Magdalena Borate Project and Sonora Lithium project, Northern Mexico
Bactech Environmental [CSE:BAC] - Owns proprietary bacterial oxidation technology that liberates precious and base metals from difficult to treat sulphides ores and concentrates
Baffinland Iron Mines [Owned 50 % by ArcelorMittal and 50 % by Iron Ore Holdings LP] - Mary River iron ore deposits, Baffin Island, Nunavut Territory, Canada.
Baja Mining is now Camrova Resources
Balamara Resources [ASX:BMB] - Resource projects in the Central Europe region. (was Sultan Corporation)
Balmoral Resources [TSX-V:BAR] - Abitibi greenstone belt, which stretches through Quebec and eastern Ontario
Band Ore Resources merged with Sydney Resource to form West Timmins Mining, became Lake Shore Gold, acquired by Tahoe Resources, acquired by Pan American Silver
Bandera Gold [TSX-V:BGL] - Belmira project in Colombia and the Cinco Minas project in Mexico.
Bankers Cobalt [TSX-V:BANC] - Development of cobalt and copper mineral properties in the DRC and Namibia.
Bannerman Resources [ASX:BMN] - Agreement to acquire the majority rights to a major uranium exploration portfolio situated in the Southern African nation of Namibia.
Banro Resource Corporation [AMEX:BAA] [TSX:BAA] - Gold exploration projects in the Democratic Republic of Congo (formerly Zaire)
Banyan Gold [TSX-V:BYN] - Hyland Gold project in the Yukon Territory.
Baobab Resources [LSE:BAO] - Mozambique
Bard Ventures [TSX-V:CBS] - Lone Pine Molybdenum Property in the Omineca Mining Division, British Columbia.
Bardoc Gold [ASX:BDC] - new mid-tier Australian gold company in the world-class North Kalgoorlie region of WA’s Eastern Goldfields
Barisan Gold is now Lithion Energy
Barker Minerals [TSX-V:BML] - Cariboo gold district, British Columbia, Canada.
Barkerville Gold Mines [TSX-V:BGM] - Historic Cariboo Goldfields. A member of The Resource Group (was International Wayside Gold Mines)
Barksdale Capital [TSX-V:BRO] - Advanced Precious & Base Metals Exploration in Arizona
Baroyeca Gold & Silver [TSX-V:BGS] - Mexico
Barra Resources [ASX:BAR] - First Hit and Riverina projects
Barranco Resources [unlisted] - Exploration projects in Western Australia
Barrian Mining [TSX-V:BARI] - Bolo property, Nevada.
Barrick Gold [NYSE:GOLD] - Major gold miner. Acquisitions include Homestake Mining (2002), Placer Dome (2006), Equinox Minerals (2011), and Randgold (2018).
Barsele Minerals [TSX-V:BME] - Gold, silver, and copper exploration in Sweden
Base Resources [ASX:BSE] - Toliara Sands Project in Madagascar.
Basin Minerals Limited (formerly Craton Resources) was acquired by Iluka Resources Limited
Bass Metals [ASX:BSM] - Gold and copper in Tasmania
Bassari Resources [ASX:BSR] - Senegal
Batero Gold [TSX-V:BAT] - Precious and base metals exploration in the Mid-Cauca porphyry gold and copper belt, Quinchia district, Colombia
Bathurst Resources [ASX:BRL] - New Zealand
Batla Minerals SA [Paris:MLBAT] -
Battery Minerals [ASX:BAT] - Montepuez Graphite Project in Mozambique
Battle Mountain Gold was acquired by Newmont Goldcorp
Bauba Platinum [JSE:BAU] - Eastern Limb of the Bushveld Igneous Complex
Bauxite Resources [ASX:BAU] - Bauxite explorer in the highly prospective Darling Range
Bayfield Ventures was acquired by New Gold
Bayhorse Silver [TSX-V:BHS] - New Zealand gold prospects
Baymag Mines - Large producer of high grade magnesium oxide.
Bayswater Uranium [TSX-V:BYU] - Major landholdings in each of Canada's most important producing and exploration regions - the Athabasca Basin, the Central Mineral Belt, the Thelon Basin and the Hermitage Belt
bcMetals was acquired by Imperial Metals
Beacon Minerals [ASX:BCN] - Copper-gold-molybdenum in Queensland and gold and nickel in Western Australia
Beadell Resources was acquied by Great Panther Mining
Bearclaw Capital [TSX-V:BRL] - Uranium exploration in Quebec and in eastern Canada
Beatrix Mines Limited is now 100% owned by Gold Fields Limited
Beaufield Resources [TSX-V:BFD] - Exploring for gold and base metals in Ontario,Quebec, and Manitoba.
Bear Creek Mining [TSX-V:BCM] - Peru exploration.
Bear Lake Gold was acquired by Kerr Mines
Bearing Lithium [TSX-V:BRZ] - Through an agreement with Li3 Energy, Bearing will acquire an undivided 17.7% interest in the advanced-stage Maricunga project located in Chile.
Beartooth Platinum merged into Kria Resources, now Trevali Mining
Beauce Gold Fields [TSX-V:BGF] - Gold in the Beauce region of Southern Quebec.
Beaufield Resources was acquired by Osisko Mining
Bell Coast Capital became Uranium Power, then Titan Uranium which was acquired by Energy Fuels
Bell Copper [TSX-V:BCU] - Focused on the development to production of the La Balsa copper mine in Michoacan, Mexico & the Granduc copper mine in British Columbia, Canada
Bellevue Gold [ASX:BGL] - Advancing the historic Bellevue Gold Mine in Western Australia./
Bellhaven Copper & Gold was acquired by GoldMining Inc.
Belmont Resources [TSX-V:BEA] - Ontario projects.
Belo Sun Mining [TSX:BSX] - Volta Grande Gold Project, Brazil, (was Verena Minerals)
Belvedere Resources [TSX-V:BEL] - Mineral exploration in Finland.
Bema Gold was acquired by Kinross Gold
BeMetals Corp [TSX-V:BMET] - Pangeni Copper Project in Zambia.
Benchmark Metals [TSX-V:BNCH] - Golden Triangle of northern British Columbia, Canada. A Metals Group company.
Benguet Corporation - A pioneer mining company in the Philippines, which started mining gold in 1903, chromite in 1934 and copper in 1971.
Benton Resources [TSX-V:BTC] - Ontario properties
Benz Mining [TSX-V:BZ] - Focused on advancing its projects located in the Americas.
Beowulf Mining plc [LSE:BEM] - Gold Exploration in Sweden.
Berkeley Energia [ASX:BKY] - Salamanca uranium project in Spain.
Berkwood Resources [TSX-V:BKR] - Gold, silver and other mineral deposits in North America and South East Asia.
Besra Gold [TSX:BEZ] - Leading producer of gold in Vietnam (was Olympus Pacific Minerals)
Bessor Minerals (was Troymet Exploration) [TSX-V:BST] - Golden Eagle gold-silver and Redhill VMS-gold projects in British Columbia
Beta Minerals was acquired by Erdene Resource Development
Bezant Resources [LSE:BZT] - projects in the Philippines and Tanzania.
Big North Graphite became CobalTech Mining, acquired by is now First Cobalt
Big Red Diamond is now Northcore Resources
Big River Gold (was Crusader Resources) [ASX:CAS] - Borborema Gold Project in Brazil
Big River Zinc - Wholly owned subsidiary of ZincOx Resources plc
Billiton Plc merger with BHP Limited to form BHP
Binani Industries [Bombay:BINANIZINC] - Binani Zinc is the pioneer in the manufacture of high grade electrolytic zinc in India since 1967.
Bird River Resources [CSE:BDR] - Manitoba
Birim Goldfields merged with Goldcrest Resources to form Volta Resources, acquired by B2Gold
Birimian is now Mali Lithium
Birla Copper [Hindalco's copper division] - Smelting and Refining complex at Dahej in Bharuch district of Gujarat, India.
Birrell Mining [private] - Klipwal Gold Mine, KwaZulu Natal.
Bishop Gold became First Pursuit Ventures, now Silver Pursuit Resources
Bison Gold [TSX-V:BGE] - Exploring for High Grade Gold with Property Assets in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Nevada.
Bitterroot Resources [TSX-V:BTT] - Multi-commodity, North American exploration exposure.
Black Bull Resources [TSX-V:BBS] - Yarmouth White Rock Quartz/Kaolin/Mica project (Nova Scotia, Canada)
Black Cat Syndicate [ASX:BC8] - Bulong Gold Field, Kalgoorlie, Western Australia.
Black Dragon Gold [ASX:BDG] - Salave gold project in the Asturias region of Spain.
Black Hawk Mining merged with Glencairn Gold, became Central Sun Mining, acquired by Linear Gold who merged with Apollo Gold to form Brigus Gold, acquired by Primero Mining, which was acquired by First Majestic Silver
Black Iron [TSX:BKI] - Shymanivske Project located in Krivoy Rog, Ukraine.
Black Mammoth Metals [TSX-V:BMM] - Blanco Creek Gold Property, Idaho.
Black Mountain Resources is now Hipo Resources - Kamola Lithium Project in the DRC
Black Range Minerals was acquired by Western Uranium
Black Rock Mining [ASX:BKT] - Graphite at Mahenge, Tanzania.
Black Sea Copper & Gold is now QX Metals
Black Tusk Resources [CSE:TUSK] - Goldsmith Property in British Columbia, Canada.
Black Widow Resources is now BWR Exploration
BlackEarth Minerals [ASX:BEM] - Graphite projects in Madagascar and Western Australia.
Blackham Resources [ASX:BLK] - Gold
Blackheath Resources [TSX-V:BHR] - Tungsten exploration in Portugal.
Blackrock Gold [TSX-V:BRC] - Silver Cloud project on the convergence of the Carlin Trend and Northern Nevada Rift.
Blackstone Minerals [ASX:BSX] -
Blackthorn Resources was acquired by Intrepid Mines which merged with AIC Resources to form AIC Mines
Blaze International [ASX:BLZ] - Barkly Copper-Gold Project in the Northern Territory, Australia.
Bligh Resources [ASX:BGH] - Bundarra Gold Project in Australia
Blina Diamonds was acquired by Kimberley Diamond Company, which was acquired by Gem Diamonds
Blind Creek Resources [TSX-V:BCK] - Holdings in the Atlin area of British Columbia and an interest in the Blende Project in the Yukon.
Blue Gold Mining was acquired by Riverstone Resources, which True Gold Mining, now Endeavour Mining
Blue Moon Zinc [TSX-V:MOON] - Blue Moon zinc project, Mariposa County, California.
Blue Pearl Mining became Thompson Creek Metals, acquired by Centerra Gold
Blue River Resources [TSX-V:BXR] - Focused on discovering large copper deposits in the Princeton area of British Columbia.
Blue Sky Uranium [TSX-V:BSK] - Athabasca Basin in Northern Saskatchewan, and the Patagonia region of Argentina.
Blue Star Gold (was WPC Resources) [TSX-V:BAU] - Mineral projects located in the northern territory of Nunavut, Canada.
BlueBird Battery Metals [TSX-V:BATT] - Strategic battery metals projects, primarily copper, cobalt, nickel, and vanadium.
Bluejay Mining plc [LSE:JAY] - Dundas Ilmenite Titanium Project in Greenland, Outokumpu Copper Project in Finland, and Disko-Nuussuaq Nickel-Copper-Platinum-Cobalt in Greenland
Bluestone Resources [TSX-V:BSR] -
Bluestone Tin is now Metals X Limited
Blyvooruitzicht Gold Mining was acquired by DRDGOLD
Boadicea Resources [ASX:BOA] - Exploring for nickel, copper and gold in Western Australia.
Boart Longyear [ASX:BLY] - Serving the mining and drilling industry since 1890.
Bold Ventures [TSX-V:BOL] - Base metals exploration program in the Ring of Fire area of Northern Ontario
Bolero Resources is now Canada Carbon
Boliden [Stockholm:BOL] - Metal mining, principally zinc, copper and gold, with operations in Sweden, Norway, Spain, Saudi Arabia, Chile and Canada.
Bolivar Gold was acquired by Goldfields
Bolnisi Gold NL was acqurired by Coeur d’Alene Mines
Bonaventure Enterprises is now Iconic Minerals
Bonanza Goldfields [OTC:BONZ] - Black Rock and Midas gold placer projects in Arizona and Zuna gold/silver project, Jalisco state, Mexico.
Bondi Mining is now World Titanium Resources
Bonterra Resources [TSX-V:BTR] - Willoughby gold-silver property and Symphony rare earth property, British Columbia, Canada
Booker Gold Explorations is now Pacific Booker Minerals
Bora Bora Resources [ASX:BBR] - St Arnaud. Gold Field, Victoria
Boreal Metals [TSX-V:BMX] - Focused on the discovery of Zinc, Copper, Silver and Gold deposits in historical mining project areas spanning Sweden and Norway.
Boss Power is now Eros Resources
Boss Resources [ASX:BOE] - Honeymoon Uranium Project, South Australia
Botnia Exploration Limited [Stockholm:BOTX] - Focusing on gold in Sweden and the Nordic countries.
Botswana Diamonds plc [LSE:BOD] - Exploring for diamonds in the Orapa area of Botswana, in Zimbabwe and the DRC.
Botswana Metals is now Six Sigma Metals
Bougainville Copper [ASX:BOC] - Produced copper in Papua New Guinea from 1972 until operations were suspended due to militant activity in May 1989
Boulder Mining is now Opal Energy
Bowmore Exploration is now Osisko Metals
Boxxer Gold is now ExGen Resources
Braemore Resources was acquired by Jubilee Platinum plc
Bralorne Gold Mines was acquired by Avino Silver & Gold Mines
Brandrill was acquired by Ausdrill
Bravada Gold Corporation [TSX-V:BVA] - Exploring the prolific Battle Mountain-Eureka gold trend, Nevada, U.S.A.
Braveheart Resources [TSX-V:BHT] - Exploration in the mining jurisdiction of the West Kootenays in southeast British Columbia (silver and gold).
Brazauro Resources was acquired by Eldorado Gold
Brazil Minerals [OTC:BMIX] - Owns 55.4% of Jupiter Gold Corporation and other assets in Brazil
Brazil Resources is now GoldMining
Brazilian Diamonds is now Kincora Copper
Brazilian Metals Group [ASX:BMG] - Rio Pardo Iron Ore project in Brazil (formerly Lefroy Resources Limited)
BrazMin is now Talon Metals
Breakaway Resources was acquired by Minotaur Exploration Limited
Breaker Resources [ASX:BRB] - Gold discovery in the emerging Yamarna and Burtville Terranes, located in the eastern part of the Eastern Goldfields Superterrane, Western Australia.
Breakwater Resources was acquired by Nyrstar
Brett Resources was acquired by Osisko Gold Royalties
Bridgeport Ventures became Premier Royalty Corporation, and was acquired by Sandstorm Gold
Brigus Gold was acquired by Primero Mining was acquired by First Majestic Silver
Brio Gold was acquired by Leagold
Brixton Metals Corporation [TSX-V:BBB] - Exploration portfolio comprises two precious and base metal properties: Kahilt (Alaska) and Thorn (British Columbia)
Broadway Gold Mining [TSX-V:BRD] - Madison Gold and Copper Mine in southwestern Montana.
Brockman Mining [ASX:BCK] - Iron ore in the Pilbara region.
Broken Hill Prospecting [ASX:BPL] - Cobalt and base metals
Brookmount Exploration [OTC:BXMI] - Mercedes 100 Project, Peru.
Brumby Resources is now Marindi Metals
Brunswick Resources [TSX-V:BRU] - Exploring for Gold and Base Metals in the Abitibi Greenstone Belt.
Bryah Resources [ASX:BYH] - Bryah Basin and Gabanintha in the Meekatharra region of Western Australia.
Buccaneer Gold [TSX-V:BGG] - Ghana, West Africa.
Buchans Minerals was acquired by Minco plc
Buck Lake Ventures became Ultra Resources, now Empire Metals
Bucyrus International was acquired by Caterpillar
Buenaventura [NYSE:BVN] - Peru´s largest publicly traded precious metals company.
Buffelsfontein Gold Mines is now part of DRD Gold
Bullabulling Gold became Norton Goldfields, acquired by Zinjin Mining Group
Bulletin Resources [ASX:BNR] - Nicholson's Gold Project in the Kimberley Region of WA
Bullfrog Gold [OTC:BFGC] - Prospective gold projects located within prolific mining districts in Nevada and Arizona, USA
Bullion Minerals Limited became Uranium Equities, now Devex Resources
Bullion Monarch Mining was acquired by Eurasian Minerals, now EMX Royalty
Bullman Minerals [TSX-V:BUL] - Gold projects in Guinea and the neighbouring countries of West Africa.
Bumi Resources Minerals Tbk [Jakarta:BRMS] - PT Citra Palu Minerals (Gold and Molybednum)
Bunker Hill Mining [CSE:BNKR] - Bunker Hill Zinc, Lead, Silver Mine, Idaho, USA.
Burdekin Pacific became Redbank Mines, now Redbank Copper
Burey Gold is now Amani Gold
Bushveld Minerals [LSE:BMN] - Vanadium producer
Buxton Resources [ASX:BUX] - Copper, zinc, nickel, and gold in the Goldfields and Pilbara regions.

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