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SEMAFO [TSX:SMF] - Exploration in West Africa ( Ghana, Guinea, and Burkina Faso )
SMG Indium Resources [OTC:SMGI] - Formed to purchase and stockpile the metal indium
SML Corporation [ASX:SOP] - Exploring for gold, silver and base metals in eastern Victoria, Australia.
SPDR Gold Shares [NYSE:GLD] - Offers investors a means of participating in the gold bullion market without the necessity of taking physical delivery of gold, and to buy and sell that interest through the trading of a security on a regulated stock exchange.
SQM [NYSE:SQM] - Largest lithium producer in the world.
sxr Uranium One is now Uranium One
SKN Resources is now Silvercorp Metals
Sabina Gold and Silver [TSX:SBB] - Hackett River Property located in Nunavut, Canada
Sable Metals and Minerals Limited [JSE:SLP] - Platinum exploration company with holdings in the Gauteng, Northwest and Limpopo provinces of South Africa.
Sable Resources [TSX-V:SAE] - Exploration in British Columbia
Sabre Resources [ASX:SBR] - Tanzania uranium
Sage Gold [TSX-V:SGX] - Gold deposits in the Americas
Sagebrush Gold is now Pershing Gold
Saint Jean Carbon [TSX-V:SJL] - Development of lump/vein graphite deposits in both Sri Lanka and Quebec (was Torch River Resources )
St Andrew Goldfields was acquired by Kirkland Lake Gold
St. Augustine Gold & Copper [TSX:SAU] - Actively engaged in developing the world class King-king Copper-Gold Project in the Philippines.
St. Barbara Mines Ltd [ASX:SBM] - Meekatharra gold operation in the Murchison goldfields of Western Australia.
St. Elias Mines [TSX-V:SLI] - Peru exploration
St. Eugene Mining was acquired by Claude Resources
St. Francis Mining is now Sundance Resources
St George Mining [ASX:SGQ] - North East Goldfields of Western Australia and the Pine Creek mineral field in the Northern Territory.
St Georges Platinum and Base Metals [CNSX:SX] - Platinum, Palladium, Rhodium, Copper, Cobalt and Nickel explorer with projects in Quebec, Canada.
St Helena Gold Mines was acquired by Gold Fields Limited
Salares Lithium merged with Talison Lithium
Salazar Resources [TSX-V:SRL] - Ecuador
Sally Malay Mining is now Panoramic Resources
Sama Resources [TSX-V:SME] - Samapleau Nickel/Copper project in Ivory Coast, West Africa and Bonanza Gold project in Arizona.
Samancor [ BHP Billiton (60%) and Anglo American (40%)] - One of the largest ferrochrome producers in the world
Samba Gold became Caerus Resource Corporation, now Angel Gold
Samco Gold [TSX-V:SGA] - Acquisition, exploration and development of precious metals resource properties in Argentina.
San Anton Resources merged with Kings Minerals NL to form Cerro Resources which was acquired by Primero Mining
San Gold Resources [TSX:SGR] - Rice Lake Gold Mine, Manitoba
San Luis Luismin division is now operated by Goldcorp, who sell 100% of production to Silver Wheaton
San Marco Resources [TSX-V:SMN] - Acquisition, exploration and development of precious metal properties in Canada, United States and Mexico
Sanatana Resources [TSX-V:STA] - Mackenzie Project, NWT, Canada
Sandfire Resources [ASX:SFR] - Western Australia projects
Sandspring Resources [TSX-V:SSP] - 100% interest in the Toroparu gold-copper deposit, Guyana, South America
Sandstorm Gold [TSX:SSL] - Gold Royalties & Metal Streaming
Santa Barbara Resources [TSX-V:SBL] - Acquisition and exploration of mineral resource properties in Latin America.
Santa Fe Metals [TSX-V:SFM] - Mexico
Santana Minerals [ASX:SMI] - Exploration for gold and silver in Mexico
Santoy Resources is now Virginia Energy Resources
Sanu Resources is now NGEx Resources
Saracen Mineral Holdings [ASX:SAR] - North Eastern Kalgoorlie Goldfields of Western Australia
Sarama Resources [TSX-V:SWA] - Exploration and development of gold deposits in West Africa.
Sarissa Resources [OTC:SRSR] - Developing mineral assets in North and South America.
Satori Resources [TSX-V:BUD] - Flin Flon Greenstone Belt in Manitoba
Saturn Minerals [TSX-V:SMI] - British Columbia.
Savannah Resources plc [LSE:SAV] -
Savant Explorations [TSX-V:SVT] - Canada, Chile, and USA projects.
Savary Gold [TSX-V:SCA] - Gold Properties in Burkina Faso. West Africa.
Sayona Mining [ASX:SYA] - Agreement to acquire 70% interest in Talga iron ore project in the East Pilbara Western Australia.
Scandinavian Minerals was acquired by First Quantum Minerals
Scandinavian Resources is now Hannans Reward Limited
Scandium International Mining [TSX-V:SCY] - Nyngan Scandium Project, located in New South Wales, Australia.
Scarborough Minerals became Mineral Securities, then CopperCo, whose assets were acquired by Cape Lambert Resources
Scavo Resource [CNSX:SCV] - Purple Onion Property in the Northwest Territories.
Scientific Metals [TSX-V:STM] - Idaho cobalt. Lithium in Alberta and Utah.
Scimitar Resources merged with Jackson Minerals to form Cauldron Energy
Scorpio Gold [TSX-V:SGN] - Mineral Ridge Gold operation in Esmeralda County, Nevada
Scorpio Mining is now Americas Silver Corporation
Scotgold Resources [ASX:SGZ] - Gold exploration
Sea Green Capital is now Cava Resources
Seabridge Gold [AMEX:SA] - Grassy Mountain Project (Oregon) - Kerr-Sulphurets Project (British Columbia) - Castle-Black Rock and Hog Ranch (Nevada)
Seafield Resources [TSX-V:SFF] - Precious metal projects in the Americas.
Search Minerals [TSX-V:SMY] -
Searchlight Minerals [OTC:SRCH] - southwestern United States
Secova Metals [TSX-V:SEK] - Arizona gold. (was Nova Uranium)
Sedibelo Platinum Mines [TSX-V:] - Platinum group metals (PGMs) in the Bushveld Complex in South Africa. (formerly known as Platmin Limited)
Sego Resources [TSX-V:SGZ] - Gold Hill Project, British Columbia
Segue Resources [ASX:SEG] - Australasia and Europe
Selkirk Metals was acquired by Imperial Metals Corporation
Selwyn Resources is now SCOZINC
Senator Minerals [TSX-V:SNR] - Advanced copper properties in British Columbia, Canada.
Sendero Mining [TSX-V:SM] - Exploring copper, gold and silver properties within Latin America, particularly in Chile, Mexico, Colombia, and Peru.
Sentosa Mining is now Parmelia Resources
Sequoia Minerals was acquired by Cambior, now IAMGOLD Corporation
Serabi Gold [LSE:SRB] - Evaluation, development and mining of gold deposits in Brazil
Serengeti Resources [TSX-V:SIR] - Focused on copper gold and molybdenum deposits in British Columbia
SeverStal [Moscow:CHMF] - Russian steel firm with mining interests
Seymour Exploration was acquired by Independent Nickel, now Victory Nickel
Shalkiya Zinc - Shalkiya Zinc-Lead Mine, Kazakhstan.
Shamrock Enterprises [CNSX:SRS] - silver and other precious metal properties in North America.
Shandong Gold Group - Annual gold production of 10 tons
Shannon Resources was acquired by Carrick Gold, now KalNorth Gold Mines
Shanta Gold [LSE:SNG] - Tanzania
Shasta Gold [private] - Projects in Nevada and California
Sheba Exploration (UK) plc was acquired by Centamin Eqypt
Sheffield Resources [ASX:SFX] - Projects are geared towards the steel industry feed cycle (iron ore and tungsten) and the emerging fillers-ceramics-pigments cycle (talc, zircon, titanium).
Sherlock Bay Nickel is now Australasian Resources
Sherrritt International [TSX:S] - Production of coal, nickel, cobalt, oil and electricity.
Sherwood Copper is now Capstone Mining
Shiega Resources is now African Metals
Shield Gold is now Great Lakes Graphite
Shield Mining was acquired by Gryphon Minerals
Shore Gold [TSX:SGF] - Mineral Properties, including the Fort a la Corne diamond project, Saskatchewan, Canada.
Shoshone Silver [OTC:SHSH] - North Idaho's Lakeview District and Zacatecas, Mexico Silver district
Shoshoni Gold [TSX-V:SHJ] - Exploring for Gold on the Eureka Gold Trend, Nevada
Shree Minerals [ASX:SHH] - Tasmanian Exploration
Sibanye Gold [NYSE:SBGL] [JSE:SGL] [Sharenet News] - KDC and Beatrix mines in South Africa. Unbundled from Gold Fields Limited in February 2013.
Siburan Resources Limited [ASX:SBU] - Gold and uranium exploration.
Sienna Gold is now Peruvian Precious Metals
Sienna Resources [TSX-V:SIE] - Clayton Valley Deep Basin Lithium Brine Project
Sierra Gold [OTC:SGCP] - Gold and diamonds, Sierra Leone.
Sierra Iron Ore [TSX-V:NAA] - El Creston property located in the Sinoala State of Mexico and the Tom Cat project in Merritt, British Colombia
Sierra Leone Diamond is now African Minerals Limited
Sierra Metals [TSX-V:SMT] - Owns two low-cost mines in commercial production: the Yauricocha mine in Peru and the Bolivar mine in Mexico. (Formerly Dia Bras Exploration)
Sierra Minerals was acquired by Goldgroup Mining
Sierra Mining was acquired by RTG Mining
Siga Resources [OTC:SGAE] - Lucky Thirteen Placer (British Columbia) and Valolo Gold Exploration claim (Fiji)
Signature Gold [ASX:SGK] (prospectus issued, ipo pending) - New England Orogen (NEO) and Drummond Anakie Province (DAP) in Queensland, Australia.
Signature Metals Limited [ASX:SBL] - Ghana, Uganda, and Kenya
Signet Minerals was acquired by Cash Minerals, now Pitchblack Resources
Sihayo Gold [ASX:SIH] - Indonesia, Malawi, India with minor interests in Australia.
Sika Resources [private] - Gold in Tanzania
Silk Road Resources was acquired by Euromax Resources
Sillenger Exploration [OTC:SLGX] - Initial focus is mineral exploration opportunities in Africa
SilverStream - Precious metals streaming company focused on mining companies currently in production.
Silver and Baryte Ores - Produces bauxite, perlite, and bentonite
Silver Bear Resources [TSX:SBR] - Silver and Gold in Russia
Silver Buckle Mines [OTC:SBUM]
Silver Bull Resources [AMEX:SVBL] - Sierra Mojada Project located in Sierra Mojada, Coahuila, Mexico
Silver Butte Mining [OTC:SIBM] - Inactive properties in Bonner County, Idaho
Silver City Minerals [ASX:SCI] - Broken Hill District, New South Wales, Australia.
Silver Dragon Resources [OTC:SDRG] - China and Mexico
Silver Eagle Mines was acquired by Excellon Resources
Silver Eagle Resources is now Mercator Minerals (bankruptcy filing)
Silver Falcon Mining [OTC:SFMI] - Owyhee Gold Trend of the Silver City Mining District in southern Idaho.
Silver Grail Resources [TSX-V:SVG] - British Columbia (was Minvita Enterprises)
Silver Lake Resources [ASX:SLR] - Western Australia
Silver Mines Limited [ASX:SVL] - New England Region of New South Wales
Silver Mountain Mines [TSX-V:SMM] - Ptarmigan Property, British Columbia within the Kootenay Mountains in the Golden Mining Division District.
Silver Phoenix Resources - [CNSX:SP] - High grade silver/gold properties Revelstoke district, 12 th largest undeveloped silver property in BC, Canada
Silver Predator [TSX:SPD] - Corporate mandate is to explore and develop commercially viable silver resources in the leading silver districts of Nevada, USA and Yukon, Canada. (was Platoro West Holdings)
Silver Pursuit Resources [TSX-V:SPF] - La Quintera claim group consists of a series of historic mines and dumps located near Alamos, Sonora State, Mexico
Silver Quest Resources was acquired by New Gold
Silver Range Resources [TSX-V:SNG] - Silver-enriched Silver Range project and gold-rich Mint project, both located in Yukon Territory.
Silver Scott Mines [OTC:SILS] - Quitovac gold property, northwest Sonora State, Mexico.
Silver Spruce Resources [TSX-V:SSE] - Uranium exploration projects in Labrador, Canada
Silver Standard Resources [NASDAQ:SSRI] - Properties in Australia, Bolivia, Mexico, the United States and Far East Russia.
Silver Star Resources [private] - Focused in the United States of America and Peru.
Silver Stone Resources is now OreCorp
Silver Surprize [OTC:SLSR]
Silver Swan Group is now Caravel Minerals
Silver Verde May Mining [OTC:SIVE]
Silver Wheaton [AMEX:SLW] - 100% of its revenue from silver production
Silverado Gold Mines [OTC:SLGLF] - Placer gold mining in Alaska.
Silvercorp Metals [TSX:SVM] - Ying Silver Project, China.
SilverCrest Mines was acquired by First Majestic
Silvermet [TSX-V:SYI] - Tufanbeyli prospects (zinc/lead/silver) in Turkey and Muskox property ( nickel, copper and PGE mineralization) in Nunavut Territory, Canada. (formerly Atikokan Resources)
Silvermex Resources was acquired by First Majestic Silver
Silverore Mines [OTC:SVMN]
Silverstone Resources was acquired by Silver Wheaton
Silvore Fox Minerals merged with Golden Share Mining
SimACT - Gold and copper in the North-East mineral district of Haiti.
Simmer and Jack Mines Limited [JSE:SIM] - Mining assets acquired by Village Main Reef in June 2011
Sims Metal Management [NYSE:SMS] - Largest recycler in the world
Sinchao Metals became Southern Legacy Minerals, now Regulus Resources
Sino Gold was acquired by Eldorado Gold Corporation
Sinosteel Midwest Corporation - Developing iron ore and steel materials projects in the Mid West resources region of Western Australia.
Sipa Resources [ASX:SRI] - Grass roots explorer in Australia.
Sirios Resources [TSX-V:SOI] - Numerous gold, silver, copper, zinc and molybdenum showings and occurrences in Quebec.
Sirius Minerals plc [LSE:SXX] - Potash
Sirius Resources [ASX:SIR] - Extensive tenement portfolio within Western Australia, making the company a significant new nickel and base metal explorer. (was Croesus Mining)
Siyanda Resources - Emphasis on coal, precious and base metals, industrial minerals, platinum and chrome.
Skeena Resources [TSX-V:SKE] - Projects in Botswana, Côte d'Ivoire, and Zimbabwe
Skybridge Development became Mega Precious Metals, acquired by Yamana Gold
Skye Resources merged into Hudbay Minerals
Skyharbour Resources [TSX-V:SYH] - Properties in the Coronation Diamond District of Nunavut and in the Red Lake Gold District of Ontario.
Skyline Gold is now SnipGold
Slam Exploration [TSX-V:SXL] - Base metal properties in New Brunswick (including Nash Creek zinc-lead-silver deposit) and several gold exploration properties in northwestern Ontario.
Slater Mining [TSX-V:SLM] - Copper and gold properties in Kazakhstan
SnipGold [TSX-V:SGG] - Precious and base metals property located in northwestern British Columbia. (was Skyline Gold)
Sniper Resources [TSX-V:SIP] - Exploring for in gold in Nevada.
Snowfield Development [TSX-V:SNO] - Snow Property on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.
Softrock Minerals [TSX-V:SFT] - Exploration properties in Greenland.
Soho Resources is now Telson Resources
Sokoman Iron [TSX-V:SIC] - Exploration in the prolific Labrador Trough, Canada.
Sola Resource became Cancana Resources, now Meridian Mining
Solace Resources is now Desert Star Resources
Solex Resources became Southern Andes Energy renamed Peru Uranium, acquired by Macusani Yellowcake, renamed Plateau Uranium
Solid Resources is now Iberian Minerals
Solitaire Minerals is now Pistol Bay Mining
Solitario Resources [AMEX:XPL] [TSX:SLR] - Primary focus is the Pedra Branca PGM property in Brazil (joint venture with Rockwell Ventures)
SolGold [LSE:SOLG] - Solomon Islands
Solomon Resources is now Damara Gold
Soltera Mining [OTC:SLTA] - Concentrating on carefully selected gold and base metal properties in Argentina and Mexico
Soltoro was acquired by Agnico Eagle
Solvista Gold [TSX-V:SVV] - Antioquia province of Columbia
Sona Resources [TSX-V:SYS] - Gold prospects in North America
Sono Resources [OTC:SRCI] - Botswana copper.
Sonora Gold & Silver [TSX-V:SOC] - Tanzania
Sons of Gwalia sold gold assets to St. Barbara Mines
Soon Mining [ASX:SMG] - Kwahu Praso Gold Concession, located in the Eastern Region of Ghana.
SOQUEM - Created in 1965 as a government corporation, SOQUEM has contributed directly to the discovery and development of five mines in Québec, three of which are still in production today.
Sotkamo Silver AB [Helsinki:SOSI1] - Taivaljärvi Silver Mine Project.
Source Exploration [TSX-V:SOP] - Silver in Mexico
Source Gold [OTC:SRGL] - Exploration projects in the Beardmore-Geraldton Gold Camp, North Western Ontario.
South American Gold and Copper is now Cerro Grande Mining
South American Silver is now TriMetals Mining
South Boulder Mines is now Danakali Limited
Southern Africa Minerals became Tango Mineral Resources, then was acquired by RNC Gold which was acquired by Yamana Gold
Southern Andes Energy renamed Peru Uranium, acquired by Macusani Yellowcake, renamed Plateau Uranium
Southern Arc Minerals [TSX-V:SA] - Indonesia
Southern Copper [NYSE:SCCO] - Copper miner
Southern Cross Exploration [ASX:SXX] -
Southern Cross Resources merged with Aflease to form Uranium One
Southern Gold [ASX:SAU] - Portfolio of advanced mineral exploration assets in South Australia, Western Australia and New South Wales.
Southern Hemisphere Mining [ASX:SUH] - Los Pumas Manganese Project and porphyry copper-gold projects in Chile.
Southern Legacy Mineralsis now Regulus Resources
Southern Peru Copper is now Southern Copper
Southern Rio Resources becane Silver Quest Resources, acquired by New Gold
Southern Silver Exploration is now part of Manex Resource Group
Southern Sun Minerals [TSX-V:SSI] - Galleon Project, Alaska. A member of International Metals Group
Southern Uranium is now Investigator Resources
SouthernEra Diamonds was acquired by Mwana Africa PLC
Southridge Minerals [OTC:SRGE] - Acquisition and development of gold/silver projects in Mexico.
Southvaal Holdings has merged into Anglogold Ashanti
Southwestern Resources was acquired by Hochschild Mining
Sovereign Gold [ASX:SOC] - NSW, Australia.
Sovereign Lithium [OTC:SLCO] - Projects primarily targets lithium production with a sub-focus on rare earth elements
Sovereign Metals [ASX:SVM] - Copper exploration
Sovereign Mines Of Africa [LSE:SMA] - Republic of Guinea
Sovereign Resources became HiTec-Energy, now Mesa Minerals
Spanish Mountain Gold [TSX-V:SPA] - Gold project near Likely, Cariboo region, central BC, Canada.
Spartan Gold [OTC:SPAG] - Gold exploration and development activity initially centered in Alabama and potentially in the Carlin trend of Nevada, USA.
Sparton Resources [TSX-V:SRI] - Resource properties in China and Canada
Spearmint Resources [TSX-V:SRJ] - Lithium exploration in Nevada and Quebec.
Spectrum Gold is now part of NovaGold Resources
Spectrum Rare Earths Limited [ASX:SPX] - (was TUC Resources)
Speewah Metals is now King River Copper
Sphere Minerals was acquired by Xstrata, now Glencore
Sphinx Resources [TSX-V:SFX] - Mineral exploration projects in Quebec (was Donner Metals)
Spider Resources was acquired by Cliffs Natural Resources
Spirit Exploration [OTC:SPXP] - Exploration properties in Ecuador
Spitfire Resources [ASX:SPI] - Manganese exploration in the East Pilbara region of Western Australia.
Sprott Resource Holdings [TSX-V:SCP] - Diversified holding company focused on the natural resource industry(was Adriana Resources)
Squire Mining [CSE:SQR] - Gold exploration In British Columbia
Staccoto Gold Resources was acquired by Timberline Resources
Stakeholder Gold [TSX-V:SRC] - Portfolio of underexplored properties in Yukon.
Standard Graphite [TSX-V:SGH] - Prospective graphite properties within known graphite districts in both Quebec and Ontario. (was Orocan Resources)
Standard Mining was acquired by Doublestar Resources, became Selkirk Metals, now now Imperial Metals
Standard Tolling [TSX-V:TON] - Operating multiple toll processing plants that purchase ore from small miners in Peru.
Standard Uranium was acquired by Energy Metals, now Uranium One
Stans Energy [TSX-V:HRE] - Rare Earth Elements
Star Minerals is now Navis Resources
Starcore International Mines [TSX:SAM] - San Martin gold and silver mine. (Mexico)
Starfire Minerals [TSX-V:SFR] - Exploration of prospects for uranium, nickel and gold/base metals in Quebec, Ontario and British Columbia.
Stavely Minerals [ASX:SVY] - Stavely & Ararat Copper-Gold Projects (previously Northern Platinum)
Stealth Minerals [TSX-V:SML] - Developing "The Pine Property" in Northern British Columbia
Steele Resources [OTC:SELR] - Holds two Nevada gold properties and the Mineral Hill project, Montana.
Stelmine Canada [TSX-V:STH] - Quebec mining and oil.
Stellar Diamonds plc [LSE:STEL] - Portfolio of projects in West Africa
Stellar AfricaGold [TSX-V:SPX] - West Africa.
Stellar Resources [ASX:SRZ] - Warrior uranium project
Sterling Mining Company of Montana became Revett Minerals, acquired by Hecla Mining
Sterlite Industries (India) Limited is part of Vedanta Resources
Stina Resources [TSX-V:SQA] - Vanadium
Stingray Copper was acquired by Mercator Minerals
Stillwater Mining [AMEX:SWC] - One of the world's leading producers of platinum group metals (PGMs)
Stirrup Creek is now Adanac Moly
Stoneshield Capital is now Wolfeye Resource Corp.
Stonewall Resources [ASX:SWJ] - South African gold mining (was Meriden Resources)
Stornoway Diamond [TSX:SWY] - Diamond exploration throughout Canada including the Melville Peninsula, Churchill and Coronation areas of Nunavut as well as the Otish Mountain area of Quebec.
Strait Minerals was acquired by Montan Mining
Straits [ASX:SRQ] - Tritton Copper operations in Australia, and the Mt Muro Gold Mine in Indonesia. Formed through the de-merger of the metal assets from diversified resource company Straits Resources Limited (renamed International Coal Holdings and since acquired by PTT Mining)
Strandline Resources [ASX:STA] - Mineral exploration and development in Australia.
Stratabound Minerals [TSX-V:SB] - Exploring gold and base metal properties in northern New Brunswick, and gold/base metal and diamond/gold prospects in central and northwest Quebec.
StrataGold was acquired by Victoria Gold
Strateco Resources [TSX:RSC] - Owns four mining properties and holds interests in or options on three properties, all located in Quebec, Canada.
Strategic Elements [ASX:SOR] - Primary strategy is to be an early investor into small and medium Australian companies and assist them with capital, technical expertise and alliances with industry players.
Strategic Exploration Group is a collection of junior resource companies that are focussed on exploring mining-friendly jurisdictions in northwestern Canada. Arcus Development ATAC Resources Rockhaven Resources Strategic Metals
Strategic Metals [TSX-V:SMD] - Yukon-focused exploration (was Nordac Resources)
Strategic Minerals NL [ASX:SMC] - Woolgan Gold Project, Queensland, Australia.
Strategic Resource Acquisition Corporation is now Portex Minerals
Strategic Resources [TSX-V:UVR] - Uranium / Vanadium projects
Strathclair Ventures in now SilverCrest Mines
Stratex International [LSE:STI] - Gold and high-value base metals in Turkey, Ethiopia and Djibouti.
Strathmore Minerals was acquired by Energy Fuels
Stratton Resources [TSX-V:SI] - MAC Molybdenum Project (British Columbia)
StreetTracks Gold Shares is now SPDR Gold Shares
Stria Lithium [TSX-V:SRA] - Pontax-Lithium property, strategically located in the west-central James Bay territory
Strickland Resources is now Orinoco Gold
Strike Diamond [TSX-V:SRK] - Saskatchewan
Strike Minerals [TSX-V:STK] - Ontario
Strike Resources [ASX:SRK] - Thermal coal project in Indonesia, hematite and magnetite iron ore projects in Peru and hematite and minerals sands projects in Australia:
Striker Resources became North Australian Diamonds, now Merlin Diamonds
Strongbow Exploration [TSX-V:SBW] - Economic mineral deposits in Canada
Stronghold Metals Became Eagle Mountain Gold, acquired by Goldsource Mines
Sub-Sahara Resources is now Chalice Gold
Sudbury Contact Mines became Contact Diamond and merged into Stornoway Diamond Corporation
Sula Iron and Gold plc [LSE:SULA] - Iron ore and gold exploration company focused on Sierra Leone.
Sulliden Mining Capital [TSX:SMC] - Focused on acquiring and advancing brownfield, development-stage and early production-stage mining projects in the Americas.
Sultan Corporation is now Balamara Resources
Sultan Minerals [TSX-V:SUL] - Focused on the exploration and assessment of its Jersey-Emerald property near Salmo, British Columbia.
Sumatra Copper & Gold plc [ASX:SUM] - Emerging gold and silver producer and the preeminent precious metals explorer with a suite of highly prospective mining tenements across the Indonesian island of Sumatra.
Sumitomo Metal Mining [Tokyo:5713] - Gold, Silver, Copper, Nickel, Lead and Zinc
Summit Resources [ASX:SMM] - Valhalla uranium deposit in northwest Queensland, Australia
Sundance Resources [ASX:SDL] - Iron ore company developing the Mbalam Project in the Republic of Cameroon in central west coast of Africa.
Sunridge Gold [TSX-V:SGC] - Focused on the exploration and development of the recently optioned Asmara project in Eritrea, East Africa
Sunrise Resources plc [LSE:SRES] - Diamonds in Finland
Sunrise Minerals became Cronus Resources, now Continental Gold
Sunseeker Minerals is now Black Star Petroleum
Sunset Cove Mining is now Manganese X Energy
Sunward Resources   [TSX:SWD] - Focused on the development of porphyry Au-Cu projects in Colombia.
Suparna Gold is now Scientific Metals
Superior Copper Corporation [TSX-V:SPC] - Coppercorp Mine Property in Ontario and the Rivière Doré Project in Québec.
Superior Diamonds is now Northern Superior Resources
Superior Mining [TSX-V:SUI] - Diamond, gold, and platinum projects in South Africa
Superior Resources [ASX:SPQ] - Brisbane based copper-lead-zinc explorer operating in northwest Queensland, Australia.
Sur American Gold became Cadan Resources, now Rizal Resources
Suramina Resources is now NGEx Resources
Sutter Gold Mining [TSX-V:SGM] - Gold properties in Sutter Creek, California
Sutton Resources was acquired by Barrick Gold
Swick Mining Services [ASX:SWK] - Drilling business that provides specialised underground and surface drilling services to the Australian resource and mining industry
Swift Resources [TSX-V:SWR] - British Columbia gold
Swingplane Ventures [OTC:SWVI] - Algarrobo Property, Chile
Sydney Resource merged with Band Ore Resources to form West Timmins Mining, now Lake Shore Gold
Sylvania Platinum [ASX:SLP] - PGM projects on the Bushveld Igneous Complex of South Africa.
Syndicated Metals [ASX:SMD] - Base metals exploration
Synergy Metals is now SML Corporation
Syrah Resources [ASX:SYR] - Copper and uranium

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