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Diamond and Gemstone Mining Resources
Aber Diamond Corporation became Harry Winston, now Dominion Diamond Corporation
Adamus Resources was acquired by Endeavour Mining
Afri-Can Marine Minerals - Engaged in offshore diamond exploration and development off the coast of Namibia
African Diamonds plc was acquired by Lucara Diamond
Alexkor [state-owned] - Alluvial diamonds in Namibia
Amerigo Resources - Quebec
Arctic Star Diamond - Northern Ontario
Ashton Mining of Canada merged into Stornoway Diamond Corporation
BRC DiamondCore is now Delrand Resources
Blackstone Ventures - Coronation Gulf
Darnley Bay - Coronation Gulf
DeBeers Canada Corporation -
Debut Diamonds [CSE:DDI] - The MacFadyen Kimberlites adjacent to the De Beers Victor Mine in northern Ontario
Dunsmuir Ventures is now Peregrine Diamonds
DiaMet Minerals was acquired by BHP Billiton
Diamcor Mining - So Ver Mine near Kimberly in South Africa.
Diamond Fields International - Development of diamond propeties in Namibia and South Africa
Diamond Frank is now Axe Exploration
Diamond High Council - Professional organization to defend and promote the interests of the Antwerp diamond trade and industry
Diamond Information Center -
Diamonds North Resources is now Adamera Minerals
Diamondex Resources was acquired by Triex Minerals, now Canterra Minerals
Dominion Diamond Corporation [NYSE:DDC] [TSE:DDC] - Two major producing diamond mines in the Northwest Territories: The Ekati Diamond Mine (80%) and the Diavik Diamond Mine (40%). (was Harry Winston Diamond Corporation, previously Aber Diamond Corporation)
Dumont Nickel - James Bay Lowlands in Ontario and Quebec.
Nordic Diamonds became Western Standard Metals, now Terraco Gold
Elkedra Diamonds was acquired by Vaaldiam Resources
Etruscan Resources was acquired by Endeavour Mining
Firestone Diamonds - London-listed company mining and exploring for diamonds in South Africa and Botswana.
Fortune Minerals - Interests in base and precious metals and diamond properties in the Northwest Territories
FreeWest Resources was acquired by Cliffs Natural Resources
GGL Resources - Northwest Territories of Canada
Gem Diamonds [LSE:GEMD] - Central and southern Africa
Gemfields Resources [LSE:GEM] - Gemstone assets in Zambia.
Geodex Minerals - Canadian diamond explorer
Globex Mining - Quebec
Golconda Resorces - Alaska
Golden Saint Resources [LSE:GSR] - Holds three exploration licences in Sierra Leone which are prospective for diamonds and gold.
Great Western Minerals - Saskatchewan.
Grizzly Discoveries [TSX-V:GZD] - Exploring for diamonds in Alberta
Guyana Goldfields -
Harry Winston Diamond Corporation is now Dominion Diamond Corporation
Hawkeye Gold - Victoria Island, Nunuvat, Canada
Hudson Resources - Diamond exploration in West Greenland.
Indicator Minerals [TSX-V:IME] - Diamonds in the Canadian arctic and southern Africa
Inlet Resources - Wemindji area, located east of James Bay, Quebec.
Interactive Enterprises - Otish Mountain region, Quebec.
Investment Diamond Exchange (IDX) - Internationally recognized diamond exchange located in Los Angeles, California. IDX was founded by a team of hedge fund traders and industry specialists to offer individual and institutional investors a liquid and price transparent market for 1 through 5 carat GIA certified Diamonds.
Kalahari Resources is now Integra Gold
Kettle River Resources - 11.67% interest in the DHK properties, Lac de Gras area, Northwest Territories, Canada.
Kopane Diamond Developments was acquired by Firestone Diamonds plc
Lithoquest Diamonds [TSX-V:LDI] - North Kimberley Diamond Project in Western Australia.
Lucapa Diamond Company [ASX:LOM] - Lulo Diamond Concession in Angola.
Lucara Diamond [TSX-V:LUC] - Mothae diamond project in Lesotho
Majescor Resources - Diamond exploration company focused on properties located in Northern Quebec.
Masuparia Gold - Quebec diamond properties
Matamec Explorations Diamond and emerald exploration in Quebec.
MechTechniek - Specialize in sub-sea Alluvial diamond mining systems on the west coast of South Africa
Metalex Ventures [TSX-V:MTX] - Focused on diamond exploration in Canada, Greenland, Morocco, and Angola.
Montello Resources - Diamond exploration at Hinton, Alberta Project and Peace River - Buffalo Hills Project
Motapa Diamonds was acquired by Lucara Diamond
Mountain Lake Resources - 25% interest in diamond mine in the Ventersdorp District of South Africa (JV with Etruscan Resources)
Mountain Province Mining - Exploration/development company with a major diamond find in the Northwest Territories of Canada. The company is joint ventured with Monopros Limited, a subsidiary of De Beers Consolidated Mines
Namakwa Diamond is now Resource & Investment NL
Nare Diamonds is now Lonrho Mining
Nordic Diamonds became Western Standard Metals, now Terraco Gold
Northern Abitibi Mining - Interest in the large diamond and gold concession in the Republic of Guinea.
Northern Empire Minerals and Stornoway Ventures have merged to form Stornoway Diamonds
Northern Superior Resources [TSX-V:SUP] - Exploring for gold and diamonds on the Canadian Shield and for uranium within the Thelon Basin.
Oropa Limited - Diamond exploration in India and Western Australia.
Patrician Diamonds - Blackwater Lake Property, NWT and Wemindji Property
Petra Diamonds - Exploration and exploitation of gem quality diamond deposits in Southern Africa.
Plexmar Resources was acquired by Dia Bras Exploration, now Sierra Metals
Poplar Resources was acquired by Nordic Diamonds became Western Standard Metals, now Terraco Gold
Prospector Consolidated Resources - Otish Mountain, Quebec
Quantum Resources Limited - Diamond prospecting joint venture in the Xinjiang region of Northwest China.
Reedy Lagoon Corporation - Edward Creek Diamond Project in the Gawler Craton region of South Australia
Rimfire Pacific Mining NL - Exploration focus is the Peel Fault Diamond Project located north of Tamworth and west of Armidale in N-E NSW
River Diamonds Limited is now Vatukoula Gold Mines
Rupert Resources - Crown Mine, South Africa.
Shore Gold - Fort a la Corne diamond project, Saskatchewan, Canada.
Skeena Resources - Britsh Columbia and Sakatchewan
Skyharbour Developments - Properties in the Coronation Diamond District of Nunavut
Snowfield Development - Drybones diamond properties, Great Slave Lake, Northwest Territories
SouthernEra was acquired by Mwana Africa plc, now Asa Resource Group Plc
Stornoway Diamonds - Coronation Diamond District, Nunavut, Canada.
Strateco Resources - Otish area, Quebec, Canada.
Tawana Resources NL - Evaluating diamondiferous kimberlites and alluvials in Australia and South Africa.
Temex Resources - Temagami Area, Ontario, Canada.
Tiger International Resources - Focused on the Springfield diamond project in South Australia
Tres-Or Resources - Temagami Area, Ontario, Canada.
Trivalence Mining - Focused on the Aredor Mine Concession in the Republic of Guinea.
Tsodilo Resources - Exploration and development of high value diamond deposits from alluvial or kimberlite sources (was Trans Hex International)
Twin Mining is now Atlanta Gold
Tyler Resources was acquired by Canada Jinchuan Resources, a subsidiary of Jinchuan Group
USGS Diamond Page -
United Kimberley Diamonds was acquired by United Minerals, now BHP Billiton
VVC Exploration -
Verena Minerals is now Belo Sun Mining
Winspear Diamonds was acquired by De Beers Canada
Diamond and Gemstone Mining Resources

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