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Q-Gold Resources [TSX-V:QGR] - Mining Centre Ontario
OM Holdings [ASX:OMH] - Integrated manganese and silicon metals company.
QMC Quantum Minerals [TSX-V:QMC] - Lithium in Manitoba.
QMX Gold [TSX-V:QMX] - Operations and strategic investments are located in the Abitibi District of Quebec and the Snow Lake District of Manitoba.
QX Metals (was Black Sea Copper & Gold) [TSX-V:QX] - Bulgaria
Qatar Mining - [wholly owned by the State of Qatar] - Established in 2010 to undertake targeted, value accretive investments in the mining and metals sector and to become an international, multi-commodity mining company by 2022
Quadra FNX Mining is now KGHM International, a subdidiary of KGHM Polska Miedz S.A.
Quadro Resources [TSX-V:QRO] - Staghorn gold project in Newfoundland, Canada
Quantum Cobalt [CSE:QBOT] - Cobalt, Ontario
Quantum Graphite [ASX:QGL] - Mikkira Graphite Deposit located on the Eyre Peninsula, South Australia.
Quantum Minerals [TSX-V:QMC] - Rocky Lake base metals project and Carrot River and Namew Lake nickel/copper projects, Manitoba.
Quantum Rare Earth is now NioCorp Developments
Quartz Mountain Resources [TSX-V:QZM] - Buck gold-silver property located in central British Columbia.
Quaterra Resources [TSX-V:QTA] - Properties in Mexico and the United States (Nevada, Utah, Arizona, Texas, and Alaska)
Quebec Precious Metals [TSX-V:CJC] - James Bay-Focused Gold Exploration. (merger of Canada Strategic Metals and Matamec Explorations)
Queensland Gold and Minerals is now Orion Metals
Queensland Minerals became Dunav Resources, then Avala Resources, now Dundee Precious Metals
Queensland Mining was acquired by Young Australian Mines
Queensland Ores Limited became Planet Metals, now Cannindah Resources
Queenstake Resources became Yukon-Nevada Gold, now Veris Gold
Queenston Mining was acquired by Osisko
Quest International Resources became Standard Mining, acquired by Doublestar Resources, became Selkirk Metals, now Imperial Metals
Quest Rare Minerals [TSX:QRM] - Ontario and Quebec. (was Quest Uranium)
Quincy Energy was acquired by Energy Metals, then Uranium One, which was acquired by Rosatom State Nuclear Energy Corporation
Quinto Mining was acquired by Consolidated Thompson, now Cleveland Cliffs
Quinto Real Capital [TSX-V:QIT] - Northwestern Quebec.
Quinto Resources [TSX-V:QIT] - Owns a 5% interest in the Monster Lake property

RBR Group [ASX:RBR] - Portfolio of prospective mineral resources tenements in Western Australia.
REC Minerals is now Reliant Gold
RJK Explorations [TSX-V:RJX.A] - Canadian gold and base metal projects
RMA Energy [ASX:RMT] - North Queensland Base Minerals and Uranium
RMG [ASX:RMG] - Copper in Chile
RNC Gold was acquired by Yamana Gold
RNC Minerals [TSX:RNX] - Owns the Dumont nickel deposit, Abitibi Québec. (was Royal Nickel)
RT Minerals [TSX-V:RTM] - Gold in Ontario. Lithium in Quebec.
RTG Mining [TSX:RTG] - Earning a 51% interest in the Segilola Gold Project in Nigeria
RX Gold & Silver merged with U.S. Silver & Gold, then was was acquired by Scorpio Mining, now Americas Silver Corporation
Rackla Metals [TSX-V:RAK] - Yukon Territory
Radisson Mining Resources [TSX-V:RDS] - Exploring and developing mining properties in Northeastern Canada, mainly in Abitibi.
Radius Gold [TSX-V:RDU] - Exploration properties in Nicaragua and Guatemala (merged with PilaGold)
Rafaella Resources [ASX:RFR] - McCleer cobalt/copper project in Yukon. Sandstone Project in Western Australia.
Ragnar Metals [ASX:RAG] - Gold, Copper and Nickel Explorer with Projects in the Nordic Region
Raiden Resources [ASX:RDN] - Tethyan Copper Belt, Eastern Europe. (Serbia)
Rainbow Rare Earths [LSE:RBW] - Gakara Rare Earth Project in Burundi, East Africa.
Rainbow Resources is now Braveheart Resources
Rainmaker Resources [TSX-V:RMG] - Uranium in Saskatchewan. Lithium in Nevada. (was Thunder Sword Resources)
Rainy Mountain Royalty [TSX-V:RMO] - Explores for copper, zinc, nickel and precious metals in northwestern Ontario.
Rainy River Resources was acquired by New Gold
Ram Resources became Longford Resources, now New World Cobalt
Rambler Metals & Mining [LSE:RMM] - Newfoundland
Ramelius Resources [ASX:RMS] - Formed to explore for and produce gold
Rand Mining NL [ASX:RND] - Mineral exploration and the development of gold interests in Kalgoorlie
Randfontein was acquired by Harmony Gold Mines
Randgold & Exploration [JSE:RNG] - Investment holding company with assets in the mining industry.
Randgold Resources was acquired by Barrick Gold
Randsburg International [OTC:RBGDF] - Base metals, platinum group metals (PGM), titanium, iron and diamonds in Canada and Brazil.
Ranger Minerals NL merged with Perilya Mines
Rapier Gold was acquired by GFG Resources
Rare Element Resources [OTC:REE] - Developing the Bear Lodge rare earth metals deposit in Wyoming.
Ratel Group is now RTG Mining
Rathdowney Resources [TSX-V:RTH] - Base metal deposits in the world-class ore fields of Poland and Ireland.
Rayrock Resources was acquired by Glamis Gold, acquired by Goldcorp, now Newmont Goldcorp
Realm Resources Limited is now QMetco
Red 5 Limited [ASX:RED] - Australia and the Philippines.
Red Back Mining was acquired by Kinross Gold
Red Dragon Resources became Brazil Resources, now GoldMining Inc.
Red Emerald Resources is now Midway Gold
Red Hill Iron [ASX:RHI] - Pilbara Region, Western Australia (iron ore, gold, and base metals)
Red Metal Limited [ASX:RDM] - New mineral exploration company based in Sydney, with mineral licences in NSW, Queensland, South Australia and the Northern Territory.
Red Metal Resources [OTC:RMES] - Copper-gold properties in Chile
Red Mile Minerals is now Orla Mining
Red Moon Resources [TSX-V:RMK] - Industrial Minerals Company Located in Newfoundland and Labrador.
Red Mountain Mining [ASX:RMX] - New energy metals, base metals & gold explorer.
Red Pine Exploration [TSX-V:RPX] - Ontario gold
Red River Resources [ASX:RVR] - Western Australia
Red Rock Resources [LSE:RRR] - Manganese and iron ore potential in Western Australia and Tasmania
Red Tiger Mining [TSX-V:RMN] - San Antonio Copper and Gold (Sonora, Mexico) (was Zaruma Resources)
Redbank Copper [ASX:RCP] - Mt Isa area of the Northern Territory.
Redcliffe Resources was acquired by Northern Manganese, now NTM Gold
Redell Mining became FM Resources, now Strikewell Energy
Redfire Resources is now CBH Resources
Redhawk Resources [TSX:RDK] - Developing the Remac zinc project in south central British Columbia.
Redhill Resources is now Millennial Lithium
Redport Mining was acquired by Mega Uranium
Redstar Gold [TSX-V:RGC] - Properties located in the Red Lake Gold Camp in Ontario.
Redstone Resources [ASX:RDS] - West Musgrave Region of Western Australia,
Reed Resources is now Neometals
Redzone Resources [TSX-V:REZ] - Indata gold-copper property in central British Columbia
Reedy Lagoon [ASX:RLC] - - Australian exploration.
Regal Resources [CSE:RGR] - Arizona copper
Regal Resources is now Nzuri Copper
Regalito Copper was acquired by Pan Pacific Copper
Regency Gold [TSX-V:RAU-H] - Nevada
Regency Mines [LSE:RGM] - Copper and nickel potential in Western Australia and Queensland.
Regis Resources [ASX:RRL] - Duketon greenstone belt in the Eastern Goldfields of Western Australia.
Regulus Resources [TSX-V:REG] - Rio Grande Cu-Au project in Argentina
Relentless Resources [ASX:RRZ] - Emerging mineral sands (titanium) company with projects in the Murray Basin, New South Wales, Australia.
Reliance Resources is now Resource Capital Gold
ReLODE Limited became Integra Mining. which was acquired by Silver Lake Resources
Remstar Resources is now Avarone Metals
Renaissance Gold [TSX-V:REN] - Exploring for gold in Nevada, Utah, Argentina and Spain.
Renaissance Minerals is now Emerald Resources
Renaissance Uranium is now Renascor Resources
Renascor Resources [ASX:RRU] - Arno Graphite Project
Rencore Resources was acquired by Bold Ventures
Renegade Exploration (was Overland Resources) [ASX:RNX] - Yandal East Gold Project, Yukon Base Metal Project, and McCleery Copper-Cobalt Project
Renforth Resources [CSE:RFR] - Diamond exploration and development in Northern Ontario
Renison Consolidated Mines is now Laneway Resources
Reparde Capital Corporation merged into IAMGOLD
Reservoir Minerals was acquired by Nevsun Resources which is being acquired bu Zijin Mining
Resolute Ltd [ASX:RSG] - Operating mines (4) in Western Australia
Resolution Copper Mining [a Rio Tinto company] - Resolution Project is located in the historic Pioneer Mining District three miles east of Superior, Arizona
Resolve Ventures [TSX-V:RSV] - Ungava Region of northern Quebec.
Resource Base [ASX:RBX] - Broula King Gold Mine Project
Resource Capital Gold [TSX-V:RCG] - Nova Scotia gold projects
Resource Development Group Limited [ASX:RDG] - Incorporated to build a leading vertically integrated Australian based resource and mining services business..
Resource Mining [ASX:RMI] - Nickel in Papua New Guinea
Resource Pacific was acquired by Xstrata plc, now Glencore
Reunion Gold [TSX-V:RGD] - Suriname (was New Sleeper Gold)
Reva Resources is now Grosvenor Resource Corporation
Revelo Resources [TSX-V:RVL] - Chile
Revere Mining is now Enterprise Metals
Revett Minerals was acquired by Hecla Mining
Revival Gold [TSX-V:RVG] - Beartrack Gold Project located in Lemhi County, Idaho. (formerly Strata Minerals Inc.)
Revolution Resources became IDM Mining, acquired by Ascot Resources
Reward Minerals [ASX:RWD] - Northern Territory and Western Australia
Rex Minerals [ASX:RXM] - Large-scale copper project in South Australia and a copper, gold and silver project in New South Wales
Rey Resources [ASX:REY] - Copper and gold exploration properties in Chile and Peru
Rheingold Exploration is now International Battery Metals
Rhyolite Resources [TSX-V:RYE] - Paxson Gold project, eastern Alaska Range.
Richfield Ventures was aquired by New Gold
Richmond Minerals [TSX-V:RMD] - uranium, gold and base-metal exploration in Quebec and Ontario, Canada,
Richmond Mining is now Nevada Iron
Richmont Mines was acquired by Alamos Gold
Richland Resources [LSE:RLD] - Mine to market supply channel for precious gemstones
Richview Resources was acquired by Cadillac Ventures
Riddarhyttan Resources AB was acquired by Agnico Eagle
Ridge Mining was acquired by Aquarius Platinum
Ridge Resources is now Cardinal Resources
Ridgemont Iron Ore was acquired by Castillian Resources, became Coastal Gold, acquired by First Mining Gold
Ridgestone Mining [TSX-V:RMI] - Sierra Madre gold belt, Mexico.
Riedel Resources [ASX:RIE] - Gold, copper and nickel projects in WA
Rift Valley Resources Limited is now Pensana Metals
Riley Resources [TSX-V:RLY] -
Rimrock Gold [OTC:RMRK] - Gold-Silver metal exploration projects in Nevada.
Rimfire Minerals became Kiska Metals was acquired by AuRico Metals, then acquired by Centerra Gold
Rimfire Pacific Mining NL [ASX:RIM] - Exploration focus is the Peel Fault Diamond Project located north of Tamworth and west of Armidale in N-E NSW
Ring of Fire Resources is now Noble Mineral Exploration
Rio Algom acquired by BHP
Rio Alto Mining was acquired by Tahoe Resources was acquired by Pan American Silver
Rio Cristal Resources is now Armor Minerals
Rio Fortuna Exploration became Fortune River Resources, now Bravada Gold
Rio Narcea Gold Mines was acquired by Lundin Mining
Rio Novo Gold was acqired by Aura Minerals
Rio Silver [TSX-V:RYO] - Base metal and precious metal exploration properties, currently focused in Canada and Peru
Rio Tinto plc [NYSE:RIO] - Created by the 1995 unification of The RTZ Corporation PLC and CRA Limited.
Rio2 [TSX-V:RIO] - Projects in Chile, Peru and Nicaragua.
RioZim Zimbabwe company which produces gold and coal, as well as refining nickel and copper.
Rise Gold [CSE:RISE] - Idaho-Maryland Mine
River Diamonds Limited is now Vatukoula Gold Mines
River Gold Mines merged with Wesdome to become Wesdome Gold Mines
Riversgold Limited [ASX:RGL] - Tintina Gold Belt in South-West Alaska, Eastern Goldfields in Western Australia and applications for a number of mineral tenements in Cambodia
Riverside Resources [TSX-V:RRI] - Well-funded Prospect Generator that has demonstrated consistent growth by generating an exciting portfolio of gold, silver and copper projects over its ten year history.
Riverstone Resources became TrueGold Mining, now Endeavour Mining
Rizal Resources [TSX-V:RZL] - Precious and base metal projects located in the Philippines.
ROBEX Resources [TSX-V:RBX] - Development of properties in Western Mali
Roche Bay plc - Owns two iron ore deposits on the Melville Peninsula in Nunavut, northeastern Canada.
Rocher Deboule Minerals is now American Manganese
Rochester Resources [TSX-V:RCT] - Mexico gold/silver
Rock Tech Lithium [TSX-V:RCK] - Georgia Lake Lithium Project.
Rockcliff Metals [TSX-V:RCU] - Snow Lake Project in central Manitoba.
Rockex Mining [TSX:RXM] - Focused on the development of the Lake St. Joseph iron ore deposit, northwestern Ontario.
Rockfire Resources (was Papua Mining plc) [LSE:ROCK] - Mineral assets in Queensland, Australia.
Rockgate Capital was acquired by Denison Mines
Rockhaven Resources [TSX-V:RK] - silver-lead ore property in Yukon
Rockland Minerals is now International Corona Capital
Rokmaster Resources [TSX-V:RKR] - Duncan Lake Zinc Project, located in the Kootenay Region of British Columbia, Canada.
Rockridge Capital is now Zinc One Resources
Rockwell Diamonds [TSX:RDI] - Alluvial diamonds in southern and central Africa.
Rocmec Mines is now Nippon Dragon Resources
Rodinia Lithium [TSX-V:RM] - Clayton Valley Project, Nevada
Rogue Resources  [TSX-V:RRS] - Radio Hill iron-ore project and Langmuir nickel deposit, Ontario.
Rokmaster Resources [TSX-V:RKR] - Gold, silver and base metal projects throughout North, Central, and South America
Rolek Resources - Portfolio of strategic and base metals located in the Kimberley, Pilbara, Gascoyne and Murchison regions of Western Australia.
Rolling Rock Resources was acquired by Mega Precious Metals, which was acquired by Yamana Gold
Romarco Minerals was acquired by OceanaGold
Romios Gold Resources [TSX-V:RG] - Acquisition and exploration of precious and base metal properties in the vicinity of established mining camps or adjacent to existing and/or developing mines.
RosCan Gold [TSX-V:ROS] - Gold exploration in Mali, West Africa.
Rosita Mining [TSX-V:RST] - Santa Rosita (copper-gold-silver) Mine in northeast Nicaragua. (was Midlands Minerals)
Ross Mining was acquired by Delta Gold, which became Auriongold, then was acquired by Placer Dome, now Barrick Gold
Ross River Minerals [TSX-V:RRM] -Exploring for and developing gold and copper-gold properties in Yukon (Canada), Alaska and Mexico.
Rossing Uranium - Largest open cast uranium mine in the world. in Namibia. Part of the Rio Tinto Group
Rotation Minerals [TSX-V:ROT] - Gold and silver properties in the Golden Triangle, British Columbia.
Roughrider Exploration [TSX-V:REL] - Uranium in Saskatchewan
Rover Metals [TSX-V:ROVR] - Yellowknife, Northwest Territories properties
Rox Resources [ASX:RXL] - Menzies Goldfields, Western Australia.
Roxgold [TSX-V:ROG] - TJ Ridge Property, British Columbia.
Roxmark Mines and Ontex Resources merged to form Goldstone Resources, now Premier Gold Mines
Royal Bafokeng Platinum [JSE:RBP] - Platinum at Bafokeng Rasimone Mine in South Africa.
Royal Gold [NASDAQ:RGLD] - 20% net profits royalty interest in the South Pipeline Project, located in Crescent Valley, Nevada.
Royal Mines and Minerals [OTC:RYMM] - State of the art precious metal recovery system.
Royal Nickle is now RNC Minerals
Royal Resources is now Magnetite Mines
Royal Roads became Buchans Minerals, acquired by Minco plc
Royal Roads Minerals [TSX-V:RYR] - Gold in Colombia.
Royal Victoria Minerals was acquired by St Andrew Goldfields, now Kirkland Lake Gold
Royalco Resources [ASX:RCO] - Mineral exploration company with the dual objectives of cash flow generation through royalty interests and asset creation through attractive exploration initiatives.
Rubicon Minerals [TSX:RMX] - Properties in major Canadian gold and base metal producing camps (Red Lake and Timmins) and a base metal project (Haines, Alaska)
Rugby Mining [TSX-V:RUG] - Colombian Projects
Rumble Resources [ASX:RTR] - Australian and Canadian projects.
Running Fox Resources [TSX-V:RUN] - Brett Project in British Columbia, Canada
Rupert Resources [TSX-V:RUP] - Gold projects: British Columbia, Ontario, and Mexico. Base Metals: Quebec and Voisey's Bay Diamonds: Crown Mine, South Africa.
Rusoro Mining [TSX-V:RML] - Land position in the major mining districts in Bolivar State, Venezuela.
Rustenburg Platinum is now Anglo American Platinum Limited (Amplats)
Ryan Gold was acquired by Oban Mining, now Osisko Mining
Rye Patch Gold was acquired by Alio Gold

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