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Nickel Information
Nickel Institute - Nonprofit organization that represents the interests of 25 companies which together produce more than 75% of the world annual nickel output. We promote on behalf of our members the production, use and re-use (through recycling) of nickel in a socially and environmentally responsible manner.
USGS - Nickel Statistics and Information

Nickel Stocks
Adriana Resources is now Sprott Resource Holdings
African Rainbow Minerals Limited - Nkomati Nickel Mine
Alba Mineral Resources [LSE:ALBA] - Scotland and Ireland gold and nickel
Allegiance Mining was acquired by Zinifex, now OZ Minerals
Altius Minerals [TSX:ALS] - Labrador Nickel Royalty.
Amur Minerals [LSE:AMC] - Kun-Manie Nickel sulphide exploration project in the far east of Russia
Antam [ASX:ATM] - Indonesia nickel producer
Aragon Resources is now Westgold Resources
Argosy Minerals [ASX:AGY] - Projects include: New Caledonian Nickel Project (New Caledonia) and Musongati Nickel Project (Burundi)
Asian Mineral Resources [TSX-V:ASN] - Developing Vietnam's only known nickel deposit
Australian Mines Limited [ASX:AUZ] - Base metal explorer with a focus on nickel
BHP [NYSE:BHP] - Website for the merger BHP Limited and Billiton plc, one of the world's largest diversified resource companies
Beaufield Resources [TSX-V:BFD] - Exploring for gold and base metals in Ontario,Quebec, and Manitoba.
Belvedere Resources [TSX-V:BEL] - Mineral exploration in Finland.
Benton Resources [TSX-V:BTC] - Ontario properties
Black Range Minerals [ASX:BLR] - Syerston nickel-cobalt project in central New South Wales
Breakaway Resources was acquired by Minotaur Exploration
Callinan Mines [TSX-V:CAA] - Callinan Mine, Flin Flon, Manitoba, Canada.
Canadian Royalties was acquired by Jien Canada Mining is a a wholly owned subsidiary of Jilin Jien Nickel Industry (75%) and Goldbrook Ventures (25%)
CaNickel Mining [TSX:CML] - Bucko Lake Nickel Mine near Wabowden, Manitoba.
Comet Resources Limited [ASX:CRL] - Developing the Ravensthorpe laterite nickel project in the south-east of Western Australia
Condor Metals [ASX:CNK] - WA base metals explorer
Cougar Metals [ASX:CGM] - Nickel and cobalt in Western Australia.
Coziron Resources [ASX:CZR] - Iron project on Sumartra
Crowflight Minerals is now CaNickel Mining
Cunico Resources {jointly owned and operated by BSGR and International Mineral Resources} - Nickel in the Baltics, copper/cobalt in Zambia
DMCI Holdings [PSE:DMC] - Nickel in the Philippines
Diagnos, Inc. [TSX-V:ADK] - Nickel properties in the Abitibi region of Quebec
Discovery Metals [ASX:DML] - High-quality nickel-copper exploration and development projects within world-class nickel provinces.
Dizon Copper-Silver Mines [PSE:DIZ] - Nickel in the Philippines
Duluth Metals was acquired by Antofagasta plc
DNI Metals [TSX-V:DNI] - Properties in Quebec at Raglan and Lac Rocher.
Dynatec was acquired by Sherritt
Everton Resources [TSX-V:EVR] - Gold and nickel laterite deposits in the Dominican Republic
FPX Nickel [TSX-V:FPX] - Decar nickel project located in central British Columbia, Canada.
Fieldex Exploration [TSX-V:FLX] - Abitibi-Temiscamingue, Canada
Focus Minerals [ASX:FML] - Advanced gold and nickel projects in the world class Kalgoorlie-Coolgardie-Widgiemooltha area
Fox Resources [ASX:FXR] - Radio Hill nickel mine
GGL Resources [TSX-V:GGL] - Slave Craton diamond region of the Northwest Territories, Canada.
Geovic Mining [TSX:GMC] - Cobalt-nickel located in Cameroon
Goldcrest Resources merged with Birim Goldfields to form Volta Resources
Golden Valley Mines Limited [TSX-V:GZZ] - Abitibi Greenstone Belt in northwestern Quebec and northeastern Ontario
Gossan Resources [TSX-V:GSS] - Properties in Manitoba and Ontario
Great Western Minerals Group [TSX-V:GWG] - Saskatchewan properties
Gryphon Minerals [ASX:GRY] - West Australian gold and nickel projects
Hard Creek Nickel is now Giga Metals
Heron Resources NL [ASX:HRR] - Developing the Goongarrie Nickel Mine
Highlands Pacific [ASX:HIG] - Ramu (nickel/cobalt) project in Papua New Guinea.
Horizonte Minerals plc [LSE:HZM] - Mineral exploration in South America, particularly in Brazil and Peru.
Hudbay Minerals [TSX:HBM] - Fenix Nickel Project in Guatemala.
Independence Group NL [ASX:IGO] - Long Nickel Mine at Kambalda in Western Australia
Independent Nickel is now now Victory Nickel
Inspiration Mining [TSX:ISM] - Ontario, BC, and Utah
Intex Resources is now Element
Jilin Nickel - Possesses three nickel mines, two smelting factories, three refineries and two chemical plants (China)
Jubilee Mines NL was acquired by Xstrata plc, then acquired by Glencore
Kiwara plc was acquired by First Quantum Minerals
Korea Zinc [KSE:010130] - founded in 1974 and manufacturer of non-ferrous metals (producing 8% of the global zinc production)
Landore Resources [LSE:LND] - Exploration activities in Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick in Eastern Canada.
Lara Exploration [TSX-V:LRA] - Brazil and Peru
Liberty Mines is now Northern Sun Mining
LionOre Mining International was acquired by Norilsk Nickel
Lodestar Minerals [ASX:LSR] - Nickel exploration
Lundin Mining [TSX:LUN] - extraction, development, acquisition and discovery of base metal deposits internationally.
Malagasy Minerals [ASX:MGY] - Development of mineral resources in Madagascar,
Maximus Resources [ASX:MXR] - Portfolio of projects with potential for the discovery of uranium, gold, copper, nickel and platinum group element (PGE) deposits
Mechel [NYSE:MTL] - Leading Russian mining and metals companies, uniting producers of coal, iron ore, nickel, steel, rolled products, and hardware.
Metallica Minerals [ASX:MLM] - Developing nickel-cobalt laterite resources in the Greenvale Nickel Province of North Queensland.
Metals X Limited [ASX:MLX] - Wingellina Nickel Project and a strong portfolio of nickel production royalties.
Millstream Mines Ltd [TSX-V:MLM] - Junior mining company developing past producing properties with known mineralization.
Mincor Resources NL [ASX:MCR] - Projects in West Africa (Ghana, Guinea), East Africa (Uganda, Tanzania), and the Pacific (Fiji, Vanuatu)
Mindoro Resources [TSX-V:MIO] - Exploring for gold, nickel, and copper in the Philippines.
Mithril Resources [ASX:MTH] - Focused exploration on nickel
Mountain Lake Resources [TSX-V:MOA] - 25% interest in diamond mine in the Ventersdorp District of South Africa (JV with Etruscan Resources)
Mustang Minerals is now Grid Metals
Newport Exploration [TSX-V:NWX] - Actively pursuing opportunities in the precious and base metal mining industry
Niagara Mining is now Poseidon Nickel
Nichromet is now Dundee Sustainable Technologies
Nickel Mountain [OSLO:NMG] - Developers of the Rönnbäcken nickel sulphide deposit in Northern Sweden
Nickel North Exploration [TSX-V:NNX] - Defining a Ni-Cu-PGM resource at our Hawk Ridge Project in Quebec.
Norilsk Nickel [Pinksheets:NILSY] - Largest metal company in Russia, and one of the largest metal companies in the world, with significant reserves of nickel, cobalt, copper, and platinum group metals (PGM). Its operations consist of mining, concentrating, smelting, and refining these metals.
Northern Abitibi Mining [TSX-V:NAI] - Brook Ni-Cu-Co-PGE prospect located in Northwest Newfoundland.
Northern Star [ASX:NST] - Nickel focus in East Kimberley region of Western Australia
Nuinsco Resources [TSE:NWI] - Polymetallic mineral deposits with emphasis on nickel and platinum-palladium.
Oriel Resources was acquire by Mechel
Oroya Mining [ASX:ORO] - Roe Hills Nickel Project
Pacific Coast Nickel merged with Prophecy Platinum
Pacific Northwest Capital [TSX:PFN] - Platinum Group Metal (PGM) explorer near the prolific mining centre of Sudbury, Ontario
Panoramic Resources [ASX:PAN] - Established Western Australian nickel sulphide producer. (was Sally Malay Mining)
Pele Mountain Resources [TSX-V:GEM] - Sudbury Mining Camp ( Ni-Cu-PGE mineralization ) of northern Ontario.
Pioneer Resources [ASX:PIO] - Nickel Sulphide deposits in the region of the Pioneer, Widgiemooltha and Depot Domes south of Kambalda, and the Acra-Silver Swan region north-east of Kalgoorlie, Western Australia.
Polymet Mining [AMEX-V:PLM] [TSX:POM] - Properties in Ontario, Canada and Minnesota, USA.
Poseidon Nickel [ASX:POS] - Exploration interest in gold and nickel
Pure Nickel [TSX:NIC] - Projects in Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Alaska.
Quinto Mining was acquired by Consolidated Thompson, now Cleveland Cliffs
Regency Mines [LSE:RGM] - Copper and nickel potential in Western Australia and Queensland.
Resource Mining [ASX:RMI] - Nickel in Papua New Guinea
Rio Narcea Gold Mines (Aguablanca nickel-copper-PGM mine in Spain) was acquired by Lundin Mining
RNC Minerals [TSX:RNX] - Owns the Dumont nickel deposit, Abitibi Québec
Sally Malay Mining is now Panoramic Resources
Scandinavian Minerals was acquired by First Quantum Minerals
Seymour Exploration was acquired by Independent Nickel, now Victory Nickel
Sherrritt International [TSX:S] - Production of coal, nickel, cobalt, oil and electricity.
Skye Resources merged with Hudbay Minerals
Southern Gold [ASX:SAU] - Bulong South Project which hosts nickel and gold in granite .
Strongbow Exploration [TSX-V:SBW] - Nickel King property in the Northwest Territories.
Tanzanian Gold [TSX:TNX] - Tanzania, Ethiopia, and Eritrea
Traka Resources [ASX:TKL] - Advanced nickel sulphide project at Ravensthorpe, Western Australia.
VMS Ventures [TSX-V:VMS] - Flin Flon - Snow Lake Volcanogenic Massive Sulphide (VMS) belt of Manitoba
Vale [NYSE:RIO] - Acquired INCO.
Victory Nickel [TSX:NI] - Created from the nickel assets of Nuinsco Resources Limited in Manitoba and Quebec.
Virginia Gold Mines was acquired by Osisko Gold Royalties
Votorantim Metais [part of Votorantim Group] - Leading producer of zinc, nickel, and steel
Wallbridge Mining [TSX:WM] - Focused on nickel, copper and platinum group elements in the Sudbury Mining Camp
Western Areas NL [ASX:WSA] - Exploring for Nickel and Platinum Group Metals in the Yilgarn Craton of Western Australia
White Cliff Minerals [ASX:WCN] - Exploration in a highly prospective area south-east of Laverton, Western Australia
Xinjiang Xinxin Mining Industry - Engaged in the mining, ore processing, smelting and refining of nickel, copper and other non-ferrous metals.

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