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Platinum 1 year Platinum 5 year Platinum
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Palladium 1 year Palladium 1 year Palladium
Gold Fields Mineral Services - GFMS produces independent research on the international platinum and palladium markets, which is published in our Precious Metals Quarterly
Johnson Matthey Technology Review - Quarterly E-journal of research on the platinum metals and of developments in their application in industry
London Platinum and Palladium Market - Trade association, the purpose of which is to promote professional trading in London of both platinum and palladium.
Platinum Guild International - International trade association dedicated to the education and dissemination of marketing and research information about platinum
Platinum Today - Definitive Platinum Group Metals information resource site with excellent background on supply and demand as well as price information. Monthly reports on price movements and comprehensive market reports updated bi-annually.
USGS Platinum Group Metals - Statistics and Information for Platinum, Palladium, Rhodium, Ruthenium, Osmium, and Iridium
World Platinum Investment Council - Formed by the six leading platinum producers to develop the market for platinum investment demand.

African Platinum plc was acquired by Impala Platinum
African Rainbow Minerals Limited [JSE:ARI] - Mining of PGMs, nickel, ferrous metals and coal
Anglo American Platinum (Amplats) [Pinksheet:ANGPY] - World's major primary producer of platinum and other Platinum Group Metals
Aquarius Platinum was acquired by Sibanye Gold
Atlatsa Resources [TSX:ATL] - PGM mining, exploration and development company, with assets located on the Bushveld Igneous Complex of South Africa. (was Anooraq Resources)
Avalon Advanced Materials [TSX:AVL] - Legris Lake palladium property located 75 km north of Thunder Bay, Ontario, adjacent to the Lac des Iles mine of North American Palladium.
Benton Resources [TSX-V:BEX] - Ontario properties
Conduto Platinum is now Noble Metals
Eastern Platinum [TSX:ELR] - PGMs in South Africa
Eurasia Mining PLC [LSE:EUA] - Russian joint ventures in the rich and developed Urals mineral belt including gold, platinum, and copper.
Freegold Ventures [TSX:FVL] - Acquiring and developing platinum, palladium, rhodium and gold projects in North America.
Grid Metals (was Mustang Minerals) [TSX-V:GRDM] - Makwa Mayville Project in Manitoba. (containing nickel copper platinum group metals and cobalt mineralization)
Hinterland Metals [TSX-V:HMI] - Plateau PGE Project, southeast of Matagami, Quebec.
Impala Platinum [Pinksheets:IMPUY] -Second largest producer of platinum group metals in the world
Indiana Resources [ASX:IDA] - Ntaka Hill Nickel Project and the Naujombo and Kishugu Gold in Tnazania. (was IMX Resources)
Jangada Mines [LSE:JAN] - Pedra Branca PGM Project in Northeastern Brazil.
Johnson Matthey [LSE:JMAT] - World Leader in Advanced Materials Technology, and an excellent source for platinum information.
Jubilee Platinum plc [LSE:JLP] - Focusing on platinum group metal (PGM) properties, with interests in South Africa, Canada, Madagascar, Ethiopia and Sierra Leone.
Largo Resources [TSE:LGO] - Northern Dancer Tungsten-Molybdenum deposit in the Yukon and the Maracas Platinum-Vanadium deposit in Brazil.
Lonmin PLC was acquired by Sibanye-Stillwater (10 June 2019)
MacDonald Mines Exploration [TSX-V:BMK] - Palladium and platinum exploration in Northern Ontario and Northern Quebec.
Marathon PGM was acquired by Stillwater Mining Company, now SibayneStillwater
MetalCORP [TSX-V:MTC] - Actively exploring for precious metals throughout the Canadian Shield.
Mustang Minerals is now Grid Metals
Nevada Star Resources is now Pure Nickel
New Age Metals [TSX-V:NAM] - Platinum and lithium.
New Millennium Metals was acquired by Platinum Group Metals Limited
Norilsk Nickel [Pinksheet:NILSY] - Major percentages of world production: 40% of palladium, 24% of platinum, and 20% of rhodium
North American Palladium [TSE:PDL] - Operates the Lac des Iles Platinum Group Metals ("PGM") open pit mine, approximately 55 miles north of Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada.
Northam Platinum [JSE:NHM] - Northam operates a mine and processing plants in the Bushveld Complex of SA, producing some 270 000 oz of pgms annually
Northern Shield Resources [TSX-V:NRN] - Ontario diamonds and platinum.
Pacific Northwest Capital is now New Age Metals
Platexco- Acquired by Impala Platinum
Platina Resources [ASX:PGM] -
Platinum Australia was acquired by Jubilee Platinum plc
Platinum Group Metals Limited [TSX:PTM] - Development of platinum operations in both Canada and South Africa, with significant mineral rights in the Bushveld Complex of South Africa, including a joint venture with Anglo Platinum Limited.
Polymet Mining [TSX:POM] - Open-pit accessible NorthMet deposit (Minnesota, USA) contains copper, nickel, cobalt, platinum-group metals, gold and silver.
Prophecy Platinum became Wellgreen Platinum, now Nickel Creek Platinum
Pure Nickel [TSX-V:NIC] - Projects in Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Alaska.
St-Georges Eco-Mining [CSE:SX] - Platinum, Palladium, Rhodium, Copper, Cobalt and Nickel explorer with projects in Quebec, Canada.
SibayneStillwater [NYSE:SBGL] - Third largest producer of platinum and palladium.
Solitario Resources [TSE:SLR] - Primary focus is the Pedra Branca PGM property in Brazil (joint venture with Rockwell Ventures)
SouthernEra was acquired by Mwana Africa plc is now Asa Resource Group Plc
Starcore International Ventures [TSX:SAM] - PGE Properties in Atikokan Area of northwest Ontario
Stillwater Mining is now SibayneStillwater
Wallbridge Mining [TSE:WM] - Focused on nickel, copper and platinum group elements in the Sudbury Mining Camp
Wellgreen Platinum is now Nickel Creek Platinum
Wesizwe Platinum [JSE:WEZ] - Western Limb of the world-renowned Bushveld Igneous Complex
Zimplats [ASX:ZIM] - Only publicly listed platinum company developing and producing platinum group metals in Zimbabwe Incorporated in Guernsey in May 1998 as a holding company for platinum assets Delta Gold NL.

Platinum Group Metals
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