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DGO Gold [ASX:DGO] - Gold in Queensland (was Drummond Gold)
DGR Global [ASX:DGR] - Gympie Goldfield, Queensland, Australia
DRC Resources is now New Gold
DRD Gold [NASDAQ:DRD] - Established in 1895 as Durban Roodepoort Deep.
DMC Mining was acquired by Cape Lambert Resources
DMCI Holdings [PSE:DMC] - Nickel in the Philippines
DNI Metals [TSX-V:DNI] - Polymetallic black shales uranium and diamonds
Dacian Gold [ASX:DCN] - Mt Morgan Project
Dajin Resources [TSX-V:DJI] - British Columbia
Dakota Minerals, became Oroya Mining, now Exore Resources
Dakota Territory Resource Corp [OTC:DTRC] - Acquisition and responsible exploration and development of high caliber gold properties in the Black Hills of South Dakota.
Dalradian Resources [TSX:DNA] Tyrone Project, Tyrone and Londonderry counties, Northern Ireland.
Dalrymple Resources NL merged with LionOre Mining, which was acquired by Norilsk Nickel
Damara Gold [TSX-V:DMR] - Gold project in Namibia.
Dampier Gold [ASX:DAU] - Tenements surround Barrick Plutonic gold mining and processing operation
Dannemora Mineral AB [bankrupt] - Dannemora iron ore mine, Sweden
Dark Horse Resources [ASX:DHR] - Argentina coal and lithium projects. (formerly Navaho Gold Ltd)
Darnley Bay Resources became Pine Point Mining. acquired by Osisko Metals
Dart Mining NL [ASX:DTM] - Gold and base-metals exploration and development company, based in Melbourne, Victoria.
Darwin Resources was acquired by Tinka Resources
Dasher Exploration is now New World Resource Corporation
Dateline Resources [ASX:DTR] - Gold mining and exploration in Colorado, United States of America.
Dayton Mining became Pacific Rim Mining, acquired by Oceana Gold
DeBeers [subsidiary of Anglo American plc, effective June 2001] - Produces from its own mines in South Africa and, in partnership with government, in Botswana, Namibia and Tanzania.
Debut Diamonds [CVE:DDI] - The MacFadyen Kimberlites adjacent to the De Beers Victor Mine in northern Ontario
Decade Resources [TSX-V:DEC] - Gold and base metals properties in B.C., Canada
Deccan Gold Mines [Bombay:DECNGOLD] - .
Declan Cobalt is now 21C Metals
Deep-South Resources [TSX-V:DSM] - Acquisition, exploration and development of major mineral properties in Africa.
Deep Yellow Limited [ASX:DYL] - Mikado gold deposit near Laverton in Western Australia.
Deer Horn Capital [OTC:GODYF] - Exploring and developing the Deer Horn Property, a rare, high-grade tellurium-gold-silver-tungsten project located near the Huckleberry Mine in west-central British Columbia.
Defense Metals [TSX-V:DEFN] - Rare earths and uranium.
Defiance Mining Corporation was acquired by Rio Narcea Gold Mines, now Lundin Mining
Defiance Silver [TSX-V:DEF] - Zacatecas silver district in Central Mexico.
DeGrey Mining [ASX:DEG] - Advanced exploration prospects for Platinum/Palladium, Gold/Copper and Gold.
Dejour Enterprises is now DXI Energy oil and gas
Del Toro Silver [OTC:DTOR] - Properties in the western USA and Mexico
Delrey Metals [CSE:DLRY] - Blackie Vanadium property is located in west-central British Columbia
Delta Exploration became Rockgate Capital, which was acquired by Denison Mines
Delta Gold + Goldfields Ltd = AurionGold, acquired by Placer Dome, now Barrick Gold
Dempsey Minerals is now Galan Lithium
Denarii Resources is now Double Crown Resources
Denison Mines [AMEX:DNN] [TSE:DML] - McClean Lake and Midwest uranium projects, northern Saskatchewan.
Desert Gold Ventures [TSX-V:DAU] - British Columbia, Ontario and Nevada
Desert Energy became Desert Mines and Metals, now Peninsula Mines
Desert Lion Energy was acquired by Lepidico
Desert Mountain Energy (formerly African Queen Mines) [TSX-V:DME] - Exploration and development of helium, oil and gas, and mineral properties in the southwestern United States
Desert Star Resources is now Kutcho Copper
Desert Sun Mining was acquired by Yamana Gold
Detour Gold [TSX:DGC] - Detour Lake Property, Abitibi Greenstone Belt, Ontario.
DevEx Resources [ASX:DEV] - Copper, gold, and uranium in Australia.
Dia Bras Exploration is now Sierra Metals
Diamcor Mining [TSX-V:DMI] - So Ver Mine near Kimberly in South Africa.
Diamond Discoveries [OTC:DMDD] - Torngat property in northern Quebec.
Diamond Fields International [TSE-V:DFI] - Aquisition, exploration, ad development of diamond propeties in Namibia and South Africa
Diamond Frank is now Axe Exploration
Diamond Rose NLis now Austral Gold
Diamond Ventures NL is now Atlantic Gold
Diamondex Resources was acquired by Triex Minerals, now Canterra Minerals
DiamonEx is now Sayona Mining
Diamonds North Resources merged with Uranium North Resources to form Adamera Minerals
Diatreme Resources [ASX:DRX] - Diversified mineral explorer with advanced commodity projects in heavy mineral sands, copper, base metals and gold
Diavik Diamond Mines - Joint venture between Rio Tinto (60%) and Dominion Diamond Mines (40%)
Dioro Exploration became Avoca Resources, now Alacer Gold
Dios Exploration [TSX-V:DOS] - Exploring to discover diamond-bearing kimberlites in the Superior Craton.
Discovery-Corp Enterprises [TSX-V:DCY] - British Columbia and Nevada.
Discovery Africa [ASX:DAF] - Gold in Western Australia
Discovery Harbour Resources - Wabassi propery in Northern Ontario
Discovery Metals [TSX-V:DSV] - Coahuila State, Mexico.
Discovery Ventures is now MX Gold
District Copper [TSX-V:DCOP] - Porphyry copper-gold-molybdenum deposits in northwestern British Columbia
Dizon Copper-Silver Mines [PSE:DIZ] - Nickel in the Philippines
The Doe Run Company [private] - Global leader in lead mining, milling, smelting, recycling, and fabrication.
Doe Run Peru - Operates the La Oroya metallurgical Cu-Pb-Zn complex and the Cobriza Cu mine in the central Andes of Peru. Now an independent partner of former parent, The Doe Run Company.
Dolly Varden Silver [TSX-V:DV] - Historic Dolly Varden Silver Mines property located in Northwestern, British Columbia, Canada.
Dome Gold Mines [ASX:DME] - Fiji
Dome Ventures was acquired by Metalline Mining, now Silver Bull Resources
Dominion Diamond Mines [NYSE:DDC] [TSE:DDC] - Operates the Ekati Diamond Mine (in which it owns a controlling interest), and also owns 40% of the Diavik Diamond Mine.
Dominion Mining was acquired by Kingsgate Consolidated
Donlin Gold LLC - Gold mining project in the Yukon Kuskokwim (YK) region. Donlin Gold is equally owned and supported by NovaGold Resources and Barrick Gold Corporation
Donner Metals is now Sphinx Resources
Doornfontein merged into Buffelsfontein Gold Mines, then was acquired by DRD Gold
Dorato Resources is now Xiana Mining (no website)
Doray Minerals is now Silverlake Resources
Dorex Minerals [TSX-V:DOX] - Slovakia
Dot Resources [TSX-V:DOT] - Porphyry copper property situated near Kamloops, B.C.
Double Crown Resources [OTC:DDCC] - Bateman gold property located in the Thunder Bay District of Northwestern Ontario, Canada.
Doublestar Resources was acquired by Selkirk Metals, now Imperial Metals
Doubleview Capital [TSX-V:DBV] - Quality base metal exploration mining projects in North America and more specifically British Columbia, Canada.
Douglas Lake Minerals is now Handeni Gold
DOWA Mining [Tokyo:5714] - Nonferrous metal smelting and refining | Metal production and fabrication | Electrical and Electronic materials
Draig Resources is now Bellevue Gold
Drake Resources is now Ragnar Metals
Driefontein Consolidated Mines merged with Gold Fields Limited on May 10, 1999.
Drift Lake Resources is now Sintana Energy
Duluth Metals was acquired by Antofagasta plc
Dumont Nickel is now DNI Metals
Drummond Gold is now DGO Gold
Duke Royalty [LSE:DUKE] - The first UK listed diversified royalty investment company
Duketon Mining Limited [ASX:DKM] - Assets have been derived from the demerger of South Boulder Mines (now Danakali Limited) Western Australian mineral exploration projects.
Duluth Metals was acquired by Antofagasta plc
Dunav Resources became Avala Resources, acquired by Dundee Precious Metals
Duncan Park Holdings [TSX-V:DPH] - Carlin Trend and the Battle Mountain-Eureka Trend in northern Nevada.
Duncastle Gold is now Group Ten Metals
Dundarave Resources is now nanoOne
Dundee Precious Metals [TSE:DPM] - Acquired Bulgarian mining assets from Navan Mining plc
Dundee Sustainable Technologies [CSE:DST] - Proprietary hydrometallurgical processes for the extraction of base and precious metals from ores, concentrates and tailings, which cannot be exploited with conventional processes because of metallurgical or environmental issues
Dunnedin Ventures [TSX-V:DVI] - Focused on large-scale, bulk-tonnage intrusive and structurally-related gold in British Columbia and porphyry copper-gold-silver in Mexico. (was Ocean Park Ventures)
Dunsmuir Ventures became Peregrine Diamonds, acquired by DeBeers
Duran Ventures is now Peruvian Metals
Durango Resources [TSX-V:DGO] - Dedicated to obtaining and exploring mineral properties in geologically proven areas in safe mining jurisdictions.
Dynacor Gold Mines [TSE:DNG] - Gold exploration and mining company, that has been active in Peru since 1996.
Dynamite Resources was acquired by Avion Gold, now Endeavour Mining
DynaResource [private] - Texas-based firm with properties in Nevada and Mexico
Dynasty Gold [TSX-V:DYG] - Acquisition, exploration and development of advanced gold projects in China.
Dynasty Resources [ASX:DMA] - North Shaw lithium project in the Pilgangoora region of East Pilbara.
Dynasty Metals and Mining [TSX:DMM] - Gold exploration and development in southern Ecuador
Dynatec was acquired by Sherritt

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