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K + S Group [XETRA:SDF] - Potash and magnesium (fertilizers), nitrogen fertilizers and salt producer
K2 Gold (was West Melville Metals) [TSX-V:KTO] - Wels Gold Property located in Yukon Territory, Canada.
K92 Mining [TSX-V:KNT] - Kainantu Gold Project located in Papua New Guinea.
KGHM Polska Miedz S.A [Warsaw:KGHM] - Copper and silver producer
KGL Resources (was Kentor Gold) [ASX:KGL] - Jervois copper project in the Northern Territory.
KOPR Point Ventures (was New Point Exploration) [CSE:KOPR] - Acquiring, exploring and developing high quality copper assets.
KWG Resources [CSE:KWG] - Diamonds in Wawa and in the James Bay lowlands, Ontario
Kairos Minerals [ASX:KAI] - West Australian diversified explorer (gold, lithium, nickel)
Kaizen Discovery [TSX-V:KZD] - Ebende Project in the The Democratic Republic of Congo
Kalahari Key Mineral Exploration Companya> [private] - Nickel, Copper and Platinum Group Metals (Ni-Cu-PGM) in southern Botswana, Africa.
Kalahari Minerals was acquired by China General Nuclear Power Group
Kalahari Resources is now Integra Gold
Kalamazoo Resources [ASX:KZR] - Snake Well Project, located in the Murchison Region
Kalgoorlie Boulder Resources is now Matsa Resources
Kalgoorlie Gold Mines - Manages Australia's largest gold mining and milling complex (Barrick/Newmont)
Kalgoorlie Mining Company was acquired by Norton Goldfields was acquired by Zijin Mining Group
Kalia [ASX:KLH] - Exploring for copper, gold. and energy metals on the island of Bougainville.
Kalimantan Gold is now Asiamet Resources
KalNorth Gold Mines (was Carrick Gold) [ASX:KGM] - Kalgoorlie goldfields region of Western Australia.
Kaminak Gold was acquired by Goldcorp, now Newmont Goldcorp
Kanowna Consolidated Gold Mines became Andean Resources, acquired by Goldcorp, now Newmont Goldcorp
Kanowna Lights Limited is now Peninsula Energy
Kapuskasing Gold [TSX-V:KAP] -Ontario
Karabacak Mining - Amorphous graphite producer with the highest production capacity in Turkey since 1985.
Karelian Diamond Resources [LSE:KDR] - Discovery and development of economic diamond deposits in the Finnish sector of the Karelian Craton.
Karmin Explorations is now
Kasbah Resources [ASX:KAS] - Moroccan mining and exploration company
Katanga Mining [TSX:KAT] - Rehabilitating major copper-cobalt mines near Kolwezi in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
Katoro Gold plc [LSE:KAT] - Gold projects in the Lake Victoria Goldfields region of Tanzania.
Kavango Resources [LSE:KAV] - Botswana projects, which are prospective for copper, nickel and PGE metals.
Kaz Atom - Uranium mining in the Republic of Kazakhstan.
KazakhGold Group is now Polyus Gold
Kazakhmys plc is now KAZ Minerals
KazaX Minerals [private] - Lomonosovskoye Iron Project in Kazakhstan.
Kazzinc - Major fully integrated zinc producer with considerable copper, precious metals and lead credits in East-Kazakhstan Region.
Keegan Resources is now Asanko Gold
Kefi Minerals [LSE:KEFI] - Exploring for Copper and Gold in Turkey and Bulgaria
Kemin Resources plc (was GMA Resources) [LSE:KEM] - Molybdenum and tungsten exploration and development company in Kazakhstan.
Kenadyr Mining [TSX-V:KEN] - Borubai gold project in the Kyrgyz Republic
Kenai Resources was acquired by Serabi Gold
Kennady Diamonds was acquired by Mountain Province Diamonds
Kenor ASA became Guinor Gold, acquired by Crew Gold, acquired by Severstal
Kenmare Resources plc [LSE:KMR] - Dublin based exploration company with titanium project in Mozambique and lead-zinc property in county Donegal, Ireland.
Kenrich-Eskay Mining is now Eskay Mining
Kent Exploration is now Bayhorse Silver
Kentor Gold is now KGL Resources
Kermode Resources [TSX-V:KLM] - La Corne tantalum project in northwestern Quebec.
Kernow Resources & Developments was acquired by Galena International, now Aurelius Minerals
Kerr Mines [TSX:KER] - Copperstone gold mine located in Arizona.
Kesselrun Resources [TSX-V:KES] - Bluffpoint Gold Project located in Northwestern Ontario.
Kestrel Gold [TSX-V:KGC] - Argentina and Yukon Territory.
Kettle River Resources was acquired by New Nadina Explorations, now Equity Metals Corporation
Key Gold Holdings is now Pangolin Diamonds
Kibaran Resources [ASX:KNL] - Kagera Nickel Project, adjacent to the Kabanga Nickel Projects in Tanzania
Kibo Mining plc is now Kibo Energy plc (power in Sub-Saharan Africa)
Kidman Resources was acquire by Wesfarmers
Kilgore Minerals has merged with Bayswater Uranium
Kilo Goldmines [TSX-V:KGL] - Actively drilling several past producing mines in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).
Kimber Resources was acquired by Invecture Group
Kimberley Diamond is now Gem Diamonds
Kimberley Diamonds (was Goodrich Resources) [ASX:KDL] - Ellendale Diamond Project n the West Kimberly Region of Western Australia.
Kimberley Metals is now KBL Mining
Kimberley Rare Earths Limited is now Anova Metals
Kin Mining [ASX:KIN] - North Eastern Goldfields of Western Australia
Kinbauri Gold Corporation was acquired by Orvana Minerals
Kincora Copper [TSX-V:KCC] - Bronze Fox project is located on the copper-gold belt in southeast Mongolia
King Island Scheelite [ASX:KIS] - Tungsten
King River Resources (was King River Copper) [ASX:KRR] - Focus on vanadium, but also exploring for Gold, Silver and Copper.
King's Bay Resources [TSX-V:KBG] - Focused on the exploration of cobalt, and other high-tech metals in North America.
Kings Minerals became Cerro Resources which was acquired by Primero Mining was acquired by First Majestic Silver
Kingsrose Mining [ASX:KRM] - Operates gold mines in Australia and Indonesia.
Kingsgate Consolidated Limited [ASX:KCN] - Australian gold mining and exploration company operating a modern gold mine and developing mineral resources in Thailand.
Kingston Resources [ASX:KSN] - Misima Gold Project in PNG and the Livingstone Gold Project in Australia.
Kingwest Resources [ASX:KWR] - Gold exploration in the Eastern Gold Fields Region of Western Australia.
Kinross Gold [NYSE:KGC] - International gold mining company with operations in the United States, Canada, Russia, and South America. Acquired AMAX Gold in 1998. Merged with Echo Bay Mines and TVX Gold in 2003.
Kintavar Exploration [TSX-V:KTR] - Copper and gold in Quebec
Kirkland Lake Gold [TSE:KL] - Macassa Mine Complex and the Taylor Mine located in northeastern Ontario and the Fosterville Gold Mine located in the state of Victoria, Australia.
Kiruna Iron AB [wholly owned subsidiary of Critical Metals] - Swedish iron ore portfolio
Kiska Metals was acquired by AuRico Metals, then acquired by Centerra Gold
Kivalliq Energy is now ValOre Metals
Kiwara plc was acquired by First Quantum Minerals
Klondex Mines was acquired by Hecla Mining
Klondike Gold [TSX-V:KG] - British Columbia and Yukon
Klondike Silver [TSX-V:KS] - Silver and associated lead/zinc deposits in the famous Slocan silver camp in southern British Columbia.
Klondyke Gold (prospectus issued, ipo pending)
Kloof Gold Mining is now part of Gold Fields Limited
Knick Resources [TSX-V:KNX] - Abitibi Gold District
Kobex Minerals became Kobex Capital, now Itasca Capital
Kodal Minerals Plc [LSE:KOD] - Lithium and gold exploration projects in West Africa.
Kodiak Exploration became Prodigy Gold, now Argonaut Gold
Kogi Iron [ASX:KFE] - Discover a world class iron ore opportunity in Nigeria
Kokomo Enterprises became High 5 Ventures, now 37 Capital
Kola Mining is now Mitchell Resources (no website)
Komatsu [Tokyo:6301] - Manufacture and sale of construction and mining equipment, industrial machinery & vehicles and electronics products
Kombat Copper [TSX-V:KBT] - Namibia
Komet Resources [TSX-V:KMT] - Guiro Gold Project, Burkina Faso
Konkola Copper Mines [subsidiary of Vedanta Resources Plc] - Largest mining and metals company in Zambia
Kootenay Silver [TSX-V:KTN] - Canada gold and Mexico silver
Kootenay Zinc [CSE:ZNK] -
Kopane Diamond Developments was acquired by Firestone Diamonds plc
Kopore Metals [ASX:KMT] - Copper-silver projects on the emerging world class Kalahari Copper Belt, across the Republics of Botswana and Namibia.
Koppar Resources is now Vulcan Energy Resources Limited
Kopy Goldfields [Stockholm:KOPY] - Lena Goldfields area of the Irkutsk region of Russia
Korab Resources [ASX:KOR] - Gold and polymetallic projects in Western Australia and the Northern Territory
KORE Mining [TSX-V:KORE] - Imperial and Long Valley gold projects (California) and the FG Gold and Gold Creek projects (British Columbia, Canada)
Korea Zinc [KSE:010130] - Founded in 1974 and manufacturer of non-ferrous metals (producing 8% of the global zinc production)
Korean Resources - Focusing on bituminous coal, uranium, iron, copper, zinc, nickel which our government has selected as the 6 strategic minerals
Krakatoa Resources [ASX:KTA] - Gold in Indonesia
Kria Resources was acquired by Trevali Mining
Krucible Metals became Toptung is now Chase Mining
Kryso Resources is now China Nonferrous Gold Limited
Kula Gold [ASX:KGD] - Papua New Guinea
Kumba Iron Ore [JSE:KIO] - Leading value-adding supplier of high quality iron ore to the global steel industry. (member of the Anglo American plc group)
Kutcho Copper (was Desert Star Resources) [TSX-V:KC] - Kutcho property in the Liard mining division of northern British Columbia.
Kuya Silver [private] - Bethania Silver Mine in Peru.

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