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Lithium Information
Most lithium is produced in Australia and Chile, with the bulk of the world�s reserves straddling huge salt flats in South America, mainly in Chile, Bolivia and Argentina.
Global X Lithium & Battery Tech ETF [NYSE:LIT] - Invests in the full lithium cycle, from mining and refining the metal, through battery production.
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Wikipedia: Lithium - The soft, silver-white alkali metal is an important component of battery electrolytes and electrodes.
USGS - Lithium Statistics and Information.
USGS Lithium Information
Source: USGS Mineral Commodity Summaries 2022

Lithium Stocks
5E Advanced Materials (was American Pacific Borate & Lithium) [ASX:5EA] -
A.I.S. Resources [TSX-V:AIS] - Lithium resource projects in Argentina�s world-renowned Lithium Triangle.
AJN Resources [CSE:AJN] - Nevada lithium.
FE Battery Metals (was First Energy Metals) [CSE:FE] - Augustus Lithium Property in Quebec
Aberdeen International [TSX:AAB] - Sal de los Angeles lithium-potash brine project located in Salta, Argentina
Advance Lithium (was Advance Gold) [TSX-V:AALI] - Lithium-potassium-boron salars in central Mexico
Advantage Lithium became Orocobre, merged with Galaxy Resources, now is now Allkemn
Albemarle [NYSE:ALB] - Global specialty chemicals company with leading positions in lithium, bromine, refining catalysts and applied surface treatments.
Alchemist Mining is now Lithos Energy
Allkem (merger of Orocobre and Galaxy Resources) [ASX:AKE] - Lithium brine and borax operations in Argentina, a hard-rock lithium operation in Australia and a lithium hydroxide conversion facility in Japan.
Alpha Lithium (was Voltaic Minerals) [CBOE:ALLI] - Tolillar Salar, Argentina
Altura Mining is now Morella Corporation
American Lithium [TSX-V:LI] - Acquisition, exploration and development of lithium deposits within mining-friendly jurisdictions throughout the Americas.
American Pacific Borate & Lithium is now 5E Advanced Materials
American Potash (was New Tech Minerals) [CSE:KCL] - Lithium and Potash resources in the Paradox Basin, SE Utah and SW Colorado.
Ameriwest Lithium (was Oakley Ventures) [CSE:AWLI] - Nevada
Arctic Fox Lithium [CSE:AFX] - Kana Lake Lithium Project in the James Bay Region of Quebec
Argentina Lithium & Energy [TDX-V:LIT] - Focused on acquiring high quality lithium projects in Argentina
Arizona Lithium (was Hawkstone Mining) [ASX:AZL] - Lithium projects in the USA
Astute Metals (was Astro Resources) [ASX:ASE] - Nevada Lithium, USA
Atlantic Lithium [ASX:A11] - West Africa
Atlas Lithium (was Brazil Minerals) [OTC:ATLX] - Lithium and other battery minerals in Brazil
Avalon Advanced Materials [TSX:AVL] - Separation Rapids Lithium Project near Kenora, Ontario
Avarone Metals [CSE:AVM-X] - Moab Lithium Project
Bacanora Lithium was acquired by Ganfeng Lithium
Battery Age Minerals [ASX:BM8] - Falcon Lake Lithium Project located in Ontario, Canada.
Bearing Lithium was acquired by Lithium Power International (Effective December 22, 2022)
Birimian became Mali Lithium is now Firefinch
Blue Sky Lithium [private] - Exploration and development mining company with interests in Chile, Bolivia, and Argentina both Lithium Brine and Hard-Rock
Bradda Head Lithium [LSE:BHL] - Projects in Arizona and Nevada, USA
British Lithium - Holds exploration rights over much of Cornwall and Devon's most prospective ground
Cadence Minerals [LSE:KDNC] - Iron ore and lithium deposits
Century Lithium (was Cypress Development Corporation) [TSX-V:LCE] - Clayton Valley Lithium Project in Nevada, USA
Clean Commodities is now Dixie Gold
Clear Sky Lithium is now Power Lithium
Comet Lithium (was X-Terra Resources, previously Canadian Empire Exploration) [TSX-V:CLIC] - Liberty Project in the James Bay Region of Quebec
Consolidated Lithium Metals (was Jourdan Resources) [TSX-V:CLM] -
Core Lithium [ASX:CXO] - Finniss Lithium Project, located near Darwin in the Northern Territory in Australia.
Critical Elements Corporation [TSX-V:CRE] - Rose Lithium-Tantalum project in Quebec.
Critical Reagent Processing (was Oz Lithium, previously Australian Goldfields) [CSE:CRPC] - Laguna Santa Maria Project, Argentina
Dark Horse Resources (formerly Navaho Gold) is now NewPeak Metals
Delta Lithium (Formerly Red Dirt Metals) [ASX:DLI] - West Australian lithium assets
Desert Lion Energy was acquired by Lepidico
Desoto Resources [ASX:DES] - Gold and lithium in Northern Territory, Australia
Discovery Lithium (was ISM Resources) [CSE:DCLI] - Northern Quebec region of Nunavik.
Dixie Gold [TSX-V:DG] - Portfolio of exploration projects, including gold, lithium and uranium assets in Canada.
E3 Lithium [TSX-V:ETL] - Petro-Lithium in Alberta
EMP Metals (was Sentinel Resources) [CSE:EMPS] - Lithium in North America
EV Resources [ASX:EVR] - Green technology metals in Australia and lithium in Europe
Empire Metals [TSX-V:EP] - Fox Creek Lithium Project located in Fox Creek Alberta. (formerly Ultra Resources)
Estrella Resources [ASX:ESR] - Holds Lithium exploration and mining rights agreements with Apollo Phoenix Resources
Eureka Lithium (was Scout Minerals) [CSE:EKRA] - McKinney Property located in the Osoyoos mining division of British Columbia
European Lithium [ASX:EUR] - Wolfsberg Lithium Project in Austria
European Metals [ASX:EMH] - Cinovec Lithium / Tin Project in Czech Republic.
Evergreen Lithium [ASX:EG1] - Lithium in the Northern Territory and Western Australia.
FMC Lithium is now Livent
Firefinch (was Mali Lithium) [ASX:FFX] - Goulamina Lithium Project and Morila Gold Project in Mali.
First Energy Metals is now FE Battery Metals
Foremost Lithium (was Far Resources) [CSE:FAT] - Lithium projects in Snow Lake District, Manitoba, and Winston Gold/Silver Project in New Mexico
Forza Lithium [CSE:FZ] - Jeanette Property, Ontario, Canada.
Frontier Lithium [TSX-V:FL] - The PAK Lithium Project north of Red Lake in northwestern Ontario
Galan Lithium [ASX:GLN] - Projects in the South American Lithium Triangle in Argentina.
Ganfeng Lithium [Shenzhen:002460] - Largest lithium metals producer in terms of production capacity as of December 31, 2017,
Galaxy Resources merged with Orocobre, now Allkem
Global Lithium Resources [ASX:GL1] - Emerging Pilbara Lithium Explorer
Global X Lithium ETF [NYSE:LIT] - Invests in the full lithium cycle, from mining and refining the metal, through battery production.
Green Technology Metals [ASX:GT1] - North American lithium projects
Grounded Lithium [TSX-V:GRD] - Kindersley Lithium Project
Hawkstone Mining is now Arizona Lithium
HeliosX (was Dajin Resources) [TSX-V:HX] - Lithium in Argentina, Canada, and Nevada
Hertz Lithium [CSE:HZ] - Lucky Mica Project, Arizona, USA
Iconic Minerals [TSX-V:ICM] - Bonnie Claire Lithium Project in Nevada.
Infinite Ore is now Imagine Lithium
Imagine Lithium [TSX-V:ILI] - Jackpot Lithium property located in the Georgia Lake Area, Thunder Bay, Ontario.
Infinity Lithium [ASX:INF] - 75% owned San Jose Lithium Project, Spain.
International Lithium [TSX-V:ILC] - Lithium resource developer with a global portfolio of lithium assets.
Ion Energy [TSX-V:ION] - Lithium in Mongolia
Ioneer [ASX:INR] - Rhyolite Ridge Lithium-Boron Project, Nevada, USA.
Jadar Resources is now EV Resources
James Bay Minerals [ASX:JBY] - Lithium projects within the James Bay region of Quebec
Jourdan Resources is now Consolidated Lithium Metals
Kodal Minerals Plc [LSE:KOD] - Lithium and gold exploration projects in West Africa
Li3 Energy was acquired by Bearing Lithium
Latitude Consolidated is now Meeka Metals
Leo Lithium [spin out of Firefinch] [ASX:LLL] - Goulamina Lithium Project in Mali
Lepidico [ASX:LPD] - Lithium company
LSC Lithium was acquired by Pluspetrol Resources Corporation B.V.
Lithex Resources is now Ultracharge
Lithium Americas [TSX:LAC] - Focused on the exploration for lithium, potassium, borax and other minerals in South America.
Lithium Australia [ASX:LIT] - Lithium projects in Western Australia and Mexico. Graphite in Western Australia.
Lithium Chile [TSX-V:LITH] - Owns fifteen projects, encompassing 152,900 hectares on Li-rich Salars in Chile
Lithium Consolidated Mineral Exploration is now Tempest Minerals
Lithium Energi Exploration [TSX-V:LEXI] - Strategic acquisition, exploration and development of lithium brine assets in Argentina.
Lithium Energy Limited [ASX:LEL] - Solaroz Lithium Project in Argentina and the Burke Graphite Project in Queensland.
Lithium Ionic [TSX-V:LTH] - Aracuai lithium province in Minas Gerais State, Brazil
Lithium Lion Metals (was Gold Lion Resources) [CSE:LLM] - James Bay region of Quebec, Canada
Lithium One was acquired by Galaxy Resources, merged with Orocobre, now Allkem
Lithium Plus Minerals [ASX:LPM] - Projects in Northern Territory, Australia
Lithium Power International [ASX:LPI] - Chile
Lithium Royalty [TSX:LIRC] - Battery Materials Royalties & Streams
Lithium South (was NRG Metals) [TSX-V:LIS] - Hombre Muerto North Project in Argentina
Lithium X Energy was acquired by NextView New Energy Lion Hong Kong Ltd
LithiumBank Resources [TSX-V:LBNK] - Developing Direct Brine Battery Grade Lithium Resources in Western Canada
Lithos Energy (was Alchemist Mining) [CSE:LITS] - Lithium Production Without Evaporation Ponds
Loyal Lithium (was Monger Gold) [ASX:LLI] - Hidden Lake Lithium Project in Yellowknife, Northern Territories of Canada
MGX Minerals [CSE:XMG] - Operates lithium, magnesium and silicon projects throughout British Columbia and Alberta.
MacArthur Minerals [TSX-V:MMS] - Lithium in Western Australian
Madi Minerals is now Pegmatite One Lithium
Mali Lithium is now Firefinch
Metalicity [ASX:MCT] - Cobalt, lithium and zinc
MetalsTech [ASX:MTC] - Quebec lithium exploration
Millennial Lithium was acquired by Lithium Americas
Morella Corporation (was Altura Mining ) [ASX:1MC] - Fcused on lithium and battery minerals, with project opportunities in Australia and the USA.
NRG Metals is now Lithium South
Nemaska Lithium - James Bay region (Northern Quebec), Canada.
Neo Lithium was acquired by Zijin Mining
Neometals [ASX:NMT] - Mt Marion Lithium Project, Western Australia. Jointly owned by Neometals Ltd (13.8%), Mineral Resources Ltd (43.1%) and one of China's largest lithium producers Jiangxi Ganfeng Lithium Co., Ltd (43.1%).
Nevada Energy Metals became Nickel Rock Resources, now Grid Battery Metals
Nevada Sunrise Gold [TSX-V:NEV] - 100% interest in the Neptune, Clayton NE, and Aquarius projects, all lithium brine exploration properties located in the Clayton Valley,
New Age Metals [TSX-V:NAM] - Platinum and lithium.
New Tech Minerals is now American Potash
Noram Lithium (was Noram Ventures) [TSX-V:NRM] - North American focus on lithium
Nordic Mining [Oslo:NOM] - lithium deposits located in the Kaustinen and Kokkola municipalities in the Ostrobothnia region of Finland.
Norris Lithium (was Copper Ridge Exploration) [CSE:CHCK] - Highway and Bus Lithium properties in the James Bay region of Quebec, Solitude Lake Property in the Patricia Mining Division, Ontario.
Nova Lithium [CSE:NVLI] - Clayton Valley, Nevada
Oceana Lithium [ASX:OCN] - Lithium Pegmatite Exploration, Brazil & Australia
One World Lithium [CSE:OWLI] - Salar del Diablo Property located in Baja California Norte, Mexico
Orocobre merged with Galaxy Resources, now Allkem
Oz Lithium (was Australian Goldfields) is now Critical Reagent Processing
Pan Global Resources [TSX-V:PGZ] - Lithium exploration licenses in Serbia
Patagonia Lithium [ASX:PL3] - Properties in the lithium triangle in Argentina (Salta Province and Jujuy Province)
Patriot Lithium [ASX:PAT] - Hard rock lithium projects in the US
Pegmatite One Lithium (was Madi Minerals) [CSE:PGA] - Georgina Property, Vancouver Island,, Canada
Piedmont Lithium [ASX:PLL] - Piedmont Lithium Project in North Carolina
Pilbara Minerals [ASX:PLS] - Pilgangoora Lithium-Tantalum Project,
Pioneer Resources is now Essential Metals
Power Lithium (was Clear Sky Lithium) [CSE:POWR] - ELi property in southwestern Nevada
Q2 Metals [TSX-V:QTWO] - Mia Lithium Project in the James Bay area of Quebec
QMC Quantum Minerals [TSX-V:QMC] - Lithium in Manitoba.
Queensland Pacific Metals (was Pure Minerals) [ASX:QPM] - Producer of critical chemicals for the emerging lithium ion battery and electric vehicle sector.
RT Minerals [TSX-V:RTM] - Gold in Ontario. Lithium in Quebec
Rainmaker Resources [TSX-V:RMG] - Uranium in Saskatchewan. Lithium in Nevada. (was Thunder Sword Resources)
Refined Metals [CSE:RMC] - Lac Simard Lithium Property in Quebec and the Rose Property silver-gold-copper-zinc property in British Columbia.
Rock Tech Lithium [TSX-V:RCK] - Georgia Lake Lithium Project.
Rockwood Holdings, the parent company of Rockwood Lithium, a leading provider of lithium, cesium, barium and zirconium compounds, was acquired by Albemarle
SQM [NYSE:SQM] - Largest lithium producer in the world.
Sienna Resources [TSX-V:SIE] - Clayton Valley Deep Basin Lithium Brine Project
Sigma Lithium Resources [TSX-V:SGML] - Grota do Cirilo property in Brazil.
Six Sigma Metals (was Botswana Metals) [ASX:SI6] - Lithium and vanadium
Snow Lake Lithium [NASDAQ:LITM] - Thompson Brother Lithium Project, Manitiba, Canada
Sovereign Lithium [OTC:SLCO] - Projects primarily targets lithium production with a sub-focus on rare earth elements
Spearmint Resources [TSX-V:SRJ] - Lithium exploration in Nevada and Quebec.
Spod Lithium (was EEE Exploration) [CSE:SPOD] - Mining properties containing battery, base and precious metals in Ontario and Quebec
Standard Lithium [TSX-V:SLI] - The Smackover formation in South Arkansas.
Stria Lithium [TSX-V:SRA] - Pontax-Lithium property, strategically located in the west-central James Bay territory
Strike Resources [ASX:SRK] - Solaroz Lithium Project (Argentina)
Surge Battery Metals (Formerly Copper Creek Gold) [TSX-V:NILI] - Cobalt and Lithium
Talison Lithium - Mines and processes the lithium bearing mineral spodumene at its Greenbushes Lithium Operations in Western Australia.
Tantalex Lithium Resources [CSE:TTX] - Lithium, Cobalt, Tantalum and other high-tech mineral properties in Africa
Tianqi Lithium [Shenzhen:002466] - Our businesses include mining and producing of lithium concentrate and manufacturing of lithium compounds.
Triple One Metals (was MLK Gold) [CSE:TONE] - Triple One Lithium Project in southwestern Newfoundland.
USA Rare Earth [private] - Round Top Mountain, Texas, hosts a large range of critical Rare Earth Elements including Lithium, High-Tech metals, Uranium and Beryllium
Ultra Lithium [TSX-V:ULT] - Gold and lithium in Argentina and Canada..
Venus Metals [ASX:VMC] - Lithium-Tantalum Projects in WA.
Vision Lithium [TSX-V:VLI] - Sirmac Lithium property and the Dome Lemieux copper property both located in Quebec Canada.
Voltaic Minerals is now Alpha Lithium
Vulcan Energy Resources [ASX:VUL] - Lithium resource, in the Upper Rhine Valley of Germany.
Wealth Minerals [TSX-V:WML] - Chile
Weekapaug Lithium (formerly, Eagle I Capital Corporation) [CSE:GRUV] - Nakina Li Property located in Northern Ontario, Canada
Western Lithium Corporation is now Lithium Americas
Westwater Resources [NASDAQ:WWR] - Portfolio includes graphite and lithium while retaining our strong position in uranium
Winsome Resources [ASX:WR1] - Lithium exploration in the James Bay Region of Quebec Province, Canada
Woomera Mining [ASX:WML] - Gawler Craton and Musgrave Province in South Australia. Lithium in Western Australia
Zinnwald Lithium (was Erris Resources) [LSE:ZNWD] - Zinnwald Lithium Project located in Germany

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