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NAR Resources is now Titanium Corporation
NFX Gold merged with Maximus Ventures to form Bear Lake Gold, now Kerr Mines
NGM Resources was acquired by Paladin Resources, now Paladin Energy
NMDC Limited [A Government of India Enterprise] - Exploration of wide range of minerals including iron ore, copper, rock phosphate, lime stone, dolomite, gypsum, bentonite, magnesite, diamond, tin, tungsten, graphite, beach sands etc.
NQ Exploration is now AM Resources
NQ Minerals Plc [NEX:NQMI] - Hellyer Mine, Tasmania. Drilling for large metal deposits in North Queensland.
NRG Metals [TSX-V:NGZ] - Carachi Pampa Lithium Project, Catamarca, Argentina
NSGold [TSX-V:NSX] - Mooseland Gold Project, Halifax County, Nova Scotia
NT Resources is now Equator Resources
NTM Gold [ASX:NTM] - Redcliffe Gold Project in the Eastern Goldfields of Western Australia.
NV Gold Corporation [TSX-V:NVX] - Acquiring gold properties in Nevada.
NxGold [TSX-V:NXN] - Focused on pursuing high grade gold opportunities in world-class mining districts.
Nagambie Mining [ASX:NAG] - Concentrating its efforts in Victoria, Australia.
Namakwa Diamond became Resource & Investment NL, now Auris Minerals
Namibia Critical Metals [TSX:NMI] - Lofdal Rare Earth Project in Namibia
Nare Diamonds is now Lonrho Mining
Nass Valley Gateway [CSE:NVG] - Industrial and metallic minerals in the Province of British Columbia
Natasa Mining [private] - Gold exploration projects in central-eastern Kazakhstan.
National Gold has merged with Alamos Minerals to form Alamos Gold
Nautilus Minerals [TSX:NUS] - Exploring the ocean floor for gold and copper seafloor massive sulphide deposits.
Navaho Gold Limited is now Dark Horse Resources
Navarre Minerals [ASX:NML] - Gold, copper and zinc projects in the Victoria region, Australia.
Navasota Resources is now Anglo Aluminum
Navis Resources [CSE:SUV - suspended] - Diamonds and rare earths in Northern Saskatchewan. (formerly Star Minerals Group)
Nelson Resources [ASX:NES] - Western Australian goldfields
Nemaska Lithium [TSX:NMX] - James Bay region (Northern Quebec), Canada.
Neo Lithium [TSX-V:NLC] - 3Q Project is located in Catamarca Province, Argentina
Neo Performance Materials [TSX:NEO] -
Neometals [ASX:NMT] - Mt Marion Lithium Project, Western Australia. Jointly owned by Neometals Ltd (13.8%), Mineral Resources Ltd (43.1%) and one of China's largest lithium producers Jiangxi Ganfeng Lithium Co., Ltd (43.1%).
Neptune Minerals - Explorer and developer of Seafloor Massive Sulphides.
Nevada Clean Magnesium is now Western Magnesium
Nevada Copper [TSX:NCU] - Pumpkin Hollow Copper deposit, Nevada
Nevada Energy Metals [TSX-V:BFF] - Brine based lithium targets in the state of Nevada.
Nevada Exploration [TSX-V:NGE] - Gold exploration in Nevada using groundwater chemistry techniques.
Nevada Gold [OTC:NVGC] - Precious metals targets in the gold rich area of North Eastern Nevada.
Nevada Pacific Gold was acquired by U.S. Gold, now McEwen Mining
Nevada Star Resources is now Pure Nickel
Nevada Sunrise Gold [TSX-V:NEV] - Nevada gold and/or silver mining properties.
Nevada Zinc [TSX-V:NZN] - Lone Mountain project, Eureka, Nevada.
Nevado Resources [CSE:VDO-H] - Focused on precious and base metal properties in Quebec.
Nevgold was acquired by Silver Predator
Nevsun Resources was acquired bu Zijin Mining
New Age Metals [TSX-V:NAM] - Platinum and lithium.
New Carolin Gold [TSX-V:LAD] - Ladner Gold Project, located in British Columbia, Canada
New Century Resources - [ASX:NCZ] - Century (zinc-lead-silver) Mine in Queensland.
New Destiny Mining [TSX-V:NED] - Le Mare property in western British Columbia and Vancouver Island Copper.
New Energy Metals [TSX-V:ENRG] - Copper and cobalt in Chile.
New Energy Minerals [ASX:NXE] - Vanadium and Graphite mining, exploration, and technology.
New Era Minerals [TSX-V:NEM] - Suyeke North Property in China
New Gold [TSE:NGD] [AMEX:NGD] - Merged with Metallica Resources and Peak Gold, with portfolio of assets in US (Alaska), Canada, Mexico, Brazil and Australia.
New Guinea Gold was acquired by PNG Gold
New Hampton Goldfields was acquired by Harmony Gold Mining
New Indigo Resources merged with Lytton Minerals to form Tahera Diamond Corporation
New Island Resources was acquired by Anaconda Mining
New Jersey Mining [OTC:NJMC] - Developing the New Jersey gold mine in the Coeur d'Alene District of North Idaho.
New Klondike Exploration - Ontario projects
New Kush Exploration & Mining Company Ltd - gold exploration company focused on East Africa, particularly South Sudan, northern Uganda and Ethiopia
New Meridian Mining is now Philippine Metals
New Millennium Iron [TSX:NML] - LabMag iron project in Labrador.
New Millennium Metals was acquired by Platinum Group Metals Limited
New Nadina Explorations [TSX-V:NNA] - Exploring for gold and copper in BC and diamonds in Nunavut, NWT.
New Nevada Resources [private] - One of the largest private landowners in Nevada owning in excess of one million acres of land along the Interstate 80 highway corridor in Northern Nevada
New Oroperu Resources [TSX-V:ORO] - Tres Cruces gold project in north central Peru.
New Pacific Metals [TSX-V:NUAG] - Search for Ni-Cu-PGM in China
New Point Exploration is now KOPR Point Ventures
New Shoshoni Ventures is now Shoshoni Gold
New Sleeper Gold is now Reunion Gold
New Talisman Gold Mines [ASX:NTL] - Talisman Gold project in the Hauraki Gold Field. (was Heritage Gold NZ)
New Tech Minerals [CSE:NTM] - Critical Minerals in the United States including cobalt , vanadium, potash and lithium.
New World Cobalt [ASX:NWC] - Cobalt projects in North America.
New World Resource Corporation [TSX-V:NW] - Gold exploration in the Americas.
NewCastle Gold, Anfield Gold, and Trek Mining have combined their businesses to create Equinox Gold
Newcastle Minerals is now GoldON Resources
Newcoast Silveris now Southern Silver
Newcrest Mining [ASX:NCM] - Major Australian mining firm owns 100% of the Telfer Gold Mine, 80% the New Celebration Gold Mine and 22.22% of the Boddington Gold Mine, all in Western Australia. Also owns 100% of the Cadia Gold Mine in New South Wales.
Newfield Resources [ASX:NWF] - Western Australia.
Newgold [AMEX:NGD] - Intermediate gold producer with operating assets in the United States, Mexico and Australia and development projects in Canada and Chile.
Newland Resources is now Acacia Coal
Newlox Gold Ventures [CSE:LUX] - Precious metal opportunities in Latin America
Newmac Resources [TSX-V:NER] - British Columbia, Canada
Newmarket Gold was acquired by Kirkland Lake Gold
Newmont Goldcorp [NYSE:NEM] - Mining in Nevada, Peru, and Indonesia. Acquired Franco-Nevada and Normandy Mining in 2002.
Newport Exploration [TSX-V:NWX] - Actively pursuing opportunities in the precious and base metal mining industry
Newport Mining is now Aguia Resources
Newrange Gold [TSX-V:NRG] - Acquiring the high-grade Pamlico gold project in Nevada and an interest in the Leadville district of Colorado. (was Colombian Mines)
Newstrike Resources became Newstrike Capital, then Timmins Gold is now Alio Gold
Newton and Boyle [private] - Van Deemen gold deposit in northwest Arizona, USA.
Nex Metals Explorations [ASX:NME] - Kookynie goldfields
Nexa Resources (was Votorantim Metais) [NYSE:NEXA] - Zinc miner, also produces copper, lead, silver, and gold in Brazil and Peru.
NexGen Energy [TSX:NXE] - Southwestern Athabasca Basin in Saskatchewan, Canada.
Nexindio Mining Corporation [private] - Explorinf for gold & copper in South America.
Next Source Materials (was Energizer Resources) [TSX:NEXT] - Molo Graphite Project in Madagascar.
Nexus Gold [TSX-V:NXS] - Developing two projects in Burkina Faso, West Africa.
Nexus Minerals [ASX:NXM] - Work focuses on iron ore in the Pilbara, gold and rare-earth elements in the Kimberley, and our base metals project in Katamatoma, North-West Tanzania.
NGEx Resources [TSX:NGQ] - Portfolio of gold/copper projects in North America, South America and Africa
Niagara Mining is now Poseidon Nickel
Niblack Mining was acquired by Committee Bay Resources, was renamed CBR Gold, became Niblack Mineral Development, then acquired by Heatherdale Resources
Nickel Australia Limited is now Azure Minerals
Nickel Creek Platinum (was Wellgreen Platinum) [TSX:NCP] - Nickel Sh�w project in the Yukon.
Nickel Mines [ASX:NIC] - Low cost producer of Nickel Pig Iron.
Nickel North Exploration [TSX-V:NNX] - Defining a Ni-Cu-PGM resource at our Hawk Ridge Project in Quebec.
Nickel One Resources is now Palladium One Mining
Nickelodean Minerals became Strong Bow Resources, now Strongbow Exploration
Nickelore Limited [ASX:NIO] - Bardoc Project.
Nichromet is now Dundee Sustainable Technologies
Nicola Mining [TSX-V:NIM] - Projects in British Columbia.
Niger Uranium is now URU Metals
Nighthawk Gold [TSX-V:NHK] - Indin Lake Gold Camp, Northwest Territories.
Nikanor was acquired by Katanga Mining
Nikos Explorations [TSX-V:NIK] - Copper-gold properties, Ontario.
Nimrodel Resources is now Walkabout Resources
Niobay Metals [TSX-V:NBY] - James Bay Niobium Project.
Niocan [TSE-V:NIO] - Niobium property at Oka, north-west of Montr�al.
NioCorp Developments [TSX:NB] - Working to produce the superalloy materials niobium, scandium, and titanium from our Elk Creek Project in southeastern Nebraska
NioGold Mining was acquired by Oban Mining, now Osisko Mining
NiPlats became Speewah Metals, now King River Resources
Nippon Dragon Resources [TSX-V:NIP] - (formerly Rocmec)
Nippon Mining and Metals [Tokyo:5016] - Commenced operations as a nonferrous metals producer in 1992, after taking over the metal resource development, smelting and refining, and metal fabrication operations of Nippon Mining
Nitinat Minerals [TSX-V:NZZ] - Ontario and Quebec.
Nittetsu Mining [Tokyo:1515] - Exploration activities in Fiji, Chile and Mali as well as in Japan.
Niuminco [ASX:NIU] - Papua New Guinea
Noble Metal Group [TSX-V:NMG] - Cariboo Placer Gold Property
Noble Metals (previously Condoto Platinum) [ASX:NMM] - Emerging Precious Metals Explorer Focused on the Condoto Region of Choco, Colombia.
Noble Mineral Exploration [TSX-V:NOB] - Northern Ontario
Noram Ventures [TSX-V:NRM] - Central Kootenay Region of South- Eastern British Columbia.
Noranda became Falconbridge, acquired by Xstrata plc, now Glencore
Noranda Income Fund [TSX:NIF-UN] - Owns the CEZinc processing facility located in Salaberry-de-Valleyfield, Qu�bec. CEZinc is the second-largest zinc processing facility in North America
Nordic Diamonds became Western Standard Metals, now Terraco Gold
Nordic Gold [TSX-V:NOR] - Laiva deposit is located in Raahe, Finland
Nordic Mines [delisted] - Developing mining and exploration projects in Finland and Sweden.
Nordic Nickel vecame Constitution Mining, now GoldSands Development
Noricum Gold is now Georgian Mining Corporation
Norilsk Nickel [OTC:NILSY] - Largest metal company in Russia, and one of the largest metal companies in the world, with significant reserves of nickel, cobalt, copper, and platinum group metals (PGM). Its operations consist of mining, concentrating, smelting, and refining these metals.
Normabec Mining Resources was acquired by First Majestic Silver
Norman Cay Development [OTC:NCDL] - Discovery Gold subsidiary explores for gold in Ghana
Normandy Mining was acquired by Newmont Goldcorp
Noront Resources [TSX-V:NOT] - Precious metals in northern Ontario, New Brunswick and Quebec, in Canada, as well as Inner Mongolia
Norra Metals (was OK2 Minerals) [TSX-V:NORA] - Canada, Norway, and Sweden
Norsemont Mining is now HudBay Minerals
Nortec Minerals [TSX-V:NVT] - Mineral exploration and development in Finland, along with interests in Canada and Ecuador.
North American Nickel [TSX-V:NAN] - Initial focus will be on its two main projects located in the world renowned Sudbury mining camp in Ontario.
North American Palladium [TSE:PDL] -Two wholly-owned subsidiaries, Lac des Iles Mines Ltd. and North American Metals Management.
North American Tungsten [OTC:NATUF] - Assets include The Cantung Mine, Mactung Deposit, Hemerdon Mine and a 50% interest in a tungsten processing facility.
North Arrow Minerals [TSX-V:NAR] - Portfolio of gold, silver, base metal, and diamond properties in northern Canada.
North Atlantic Natural Resources AB was acquired by Lundin Mining
North Atlantic Resources became Legend Gold. then was acquired by Altus Strategies
North Australian Diamonds is now Merlin Diamonds
North Bay Resources [OTC:NBRI] - Base metals and gold properties in British Columbia, Canada.
North Country Gold was acquired by Auryn Resources
North Limited was acquired by Rio Tinto
North Queensland Metals is now Evolution Mining
North River Resources [LSE:NRRP] - Coronet Hill Tenement
Northair Silver was acquired by Kootenay Silver
Northam Platinum [JSE:NHM] - Operates a mine and processing plants in the Bushveld Complex of South Africa.
Northcliff Resources [TSX:NCF] - Sisson Tungsten-Molybdenum Project in central New Brunswick.
Northcott Gold is now Laurion Mineral Exploration
Northern Abitibi Mining is now CANEX Metals
Northern Canadian Minerals was acquired by Bayswater Uranium
Northern Cobalt [ASX:N27] - Stanton Project, Wollogorang area, Northern Territory, Australia.
Northern Continental Resources was acquired by Hathor Exploration, which was acquired by Rio Tinto Group
Northern Crown Mines became Canadian Empire Exploration now X-Terra Resources
Northern Dynasty Minerals [AMEX:NAK] [TSX:NDM] - Pebble copper-gold project in Alaska. A Hunter Dickinson company.
Northern Empire Minerals and Stornoway Ventures have merged to form Stornoway Diamonds
Northern Empire Resources was acquired by Coeur Mining
Northern Freegold Resources is now Triumph Gold
Northern Gold Mining was acquired by Oban Mining
Northern Graphite Corporation [TSX-V:NGC] - Bissett Creek graphite project, Ontario.
Northern Lights Resources [CSE:NLR] - Exploring for Zinc, Lead and Silver in Nevada and Titanium in Mongolia
Northern Lion Gold [TSX-V:NL] - Haveri Mine, Finland.
Northern Manganese is now NTM Gold
Northern Minerals [ASX:NTU] - Uranium in Western Australia and the Northern Territory
Northern Minerals & Exploration [OTC:NMEX] - Winnemucca Mountain Property in Nevada.
Northern Mining [ASX:NMI] - Nickel and Gold (Eastern Goldfields) Base metals and Uranium (Northern Territory)
Northern Mining Explorations is now MDM
Northern Orion Resources was acquired by Yamana Gold
Northern Peru Copper was acquired by Copper Bridge, a corporation owned 60% by China Minmetals and 40% by Jiangxi Copper
Northern Shield Resources [TSX-V:NRN] - Ontario diamonds and platinum.
Northern Sphere Mining [CSE:NSM] - Arizona Silver Property. (was Argentinium Resources)
Northern Star [ASX:NST] - Nickel focus in East Kimberley region of Western Australia
Northern Superior Resources [TSX-V:SUP] - Exploring for gold and diamonds on the Canadian Shield and for uranium within the Thelon Basin.
Northern Tiger Resources is now Golden Predator
Northern Uranium [TSX-V:UNO] - Focused on discovering a world class uranium deposit at its Northwest Manitoba project
Northern Vertex Capital [TSX-V:NEE] - Development of precious metals deposits in Canada and the United States.
Northgate Minerals was acquired by AuRico Gold
Northisle Copper and Gold [TSX-V:NCX] - Island Copper-Gold Project on Northern Vancouver Island.
Northquest was acquired by nordgold
Northstar Gold Corp [CSE:NSG] - Miller Gold Property, Abitibi Greenstone Belt
Northway Resources [TSX-V:NTW] - Gold targets within the Tintina Gold Belt, host to the world-class Fort Knox & Pogo gold mines.
Norton Goldfields was acquired by Zijin Mining Group
Norwest Minerals [ASX:NWM] - gold and base-metal properties in Western Australia.
NorZinc (was Canadian Zinc) [TSX:NZC] -Prairie Creek Mine in the Mackenzie Mountains of the Northwest Territorie
NovaCopper is now Trilogy Metals
Nova Energy was acquired by Toro Energy
Nova Uranium is now Secova Metals
Novo Carbon (was Great Lakes Graphite) [TSX-V:GLK] - Graphite in the USA.
Nouveau Monde Graphite [TSX-V:NOU] - Graphite in Qu�bec, Canada.
Nova Minerals [ASX:NVA] - Tintina Gold Province in Alaska and the Northern Territory in Australia.
NovaCopper is now Trilogy Metals
NovaGold Resources [AMEX:NG] [TSE:NG] - Projects in Alaska and the Yukon Territories, Canada.
Novo Resources [CSE:NVO] - Option to earn a 70% interest in an exploration property situated in the Beatons Creek Tenements, Western Australia. (was Galliard Resources)
Novus Gold was acquired by PanTerra Gold
Nu Energy Uranium Corporation was acquired by Mega Uranium
Nubian Resources [TSX-V:NBR] - DRC and Nevada
Nuinsco Resources [OTC:NWIFF] - Polymetallic mineral deposits with emphasis on nickel and platinum-palladium.
NuLegacy Gold [TSX-V:NUG] - Nevada gold
Nusantara Resources [ASX:NUS] - Indonesian Gold
NuStar Mining is now Intrepid Mines
Nustar Resources merged with Candor Ventures to form Canstar Resources
Nyrstar [Brussels:NYR] - Integrated mining and metals business, with market leading positions in zinc and lead, and growing positions in other base and precious metals.
Nzuri Copper [ASX:NZC] - Katangan Copperbelt of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

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