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HPQ Silicon Resources [TSX-V:HPQ] - High Purity Quartz and Gold exploration company. (formerly Uragold)
Habanero Resources is now Sienna Resources
Haddington International Resources is now Altura Mining
Halcyon Group is now Nickelore Limited
Hallmark Consolidated became Tennant Creek Gold, which is now TNG Limited
Hambledon Mining became GoldBridges Global Resources, now Altyn
Peter Hambro Mining is now Petropavlovsk
Hamill Resources Limited has merger with International Goldfields, now Cape Lambert Resources
Hammer Metals [ASX:HMX] - Queensland and Western Australia.
Hampton Hill Mining [ASX:HHM] - Western Australia exploration
Hana Mining was acquired by Cupric Canyon Capital
Hancock Prospecting [private] - Australian company that has a long and important association with the Pilbara and the iron ore sector.
Handa Mining [TSX-V:HAND] - Republic of Congo
Handeni Gold [OTC:HNDI] - Tanzania
Hannan Metals [TSX-V:HAN] - County Clare Zn-Pb-Ag-Cu project in Ireland
Hannan's Reward [ASX:HNR] - Nickel and gold exploration focus in the West Australian Goldfields
Hansa Resources [TSX-V:HRL] - Base and precious metal properties in Scandinavia
Haoma Mining [ASX:HAO] - Pilbara region.
Happy Creek Minerals [TSX-V:HPY] - Engaged in the acquisition and exploration of mineral properties containing various metals such as copper, molybdenum, tungsten, gold and silver in British Columbia, Canada.
Hard Creek Nickel is now Giga Metals
Hardey Resources [ASX:HDY] - Pilbara region of Western Australia
Harfang Exploration [TSX-V:HAR] - Discovery of new gold deposits in Quebec.
Hargraves Resources was acquired by DRD Gold
Harmony Gold Mining [NYSE:HMY] - Engaged in gold and related mining operations in South Africa, Australia and Papua New Guinea, in addition to exploration, minerals and participation rights in South Africa, Peru and elsewhere in Africa.
Harry Winston Diamond Corporation is now Dominion Diamond mines
Harte Gold [TSX:HRT] - Sugar Zone mine in White River, Ontario.
Harvest Gold [TSE-V:HVG] - Manitoba (Canada) and Nevada (USA)
Hastings Technology Metals [ASX:HAS] - Rare earth projects in Australia (Yangibana and Brockman)
Hathor Exploration was acquired by Rio Tinto
Havilah Mining is 1911 Gold
Havilah Resources [ASX:HAV] - Projects are located on the Gawler Craton.
Hawk Resources is now New Standard Energy
Hawk Uranium became Ring of Fire Resources, now Noble Mineral Exploration
Hawkeye Gold International [TSX-V:HGO] - Several properties in the Northwest Territories, Canada.
Hawkstone Mining [ASX:HWK] - Lithium projects in the USA.
Hawthorne Gold became China Minerals Mining, now WildSky Resources
Hawthorn Resources [ASX:HAW] - Base metal and gold explorer with significant strategic tenement holdings throughout Western Australia.
Hazelwood Resources is now ATC Alloys
Hazer Group [ASX:HZR] - Low-emission hydrogen and graphite production process
HE-5 Resources [OTC:HRRN] - Projects in California, Nevada, and Quebec.
Heatherdale Resources [TSX-V:HTR] - Niblack copper-gold-zinc-silver project in southeast Alaska
Heathgate Resources - Developer of the Beverley uranium site in South Australia. An affiliate of General Atomics
Hecla Mining [NYSE:HL] - Silver (Lucky Friday and Greens Creek ) Gold (La Choya, Grouse Creek and Rosebud)
Helio Resource Corp [TSX-V:HRC] - Developing gold projects in Tanzania, and Namibia
Helix Resources [ASX:HLX] - Collerina Copper-Zinc & Cobar Gold Projects both located in Central NSW.
Hemisphere Resources is now Nexus Minerals
Herencia Resources [LSE:HER] - Prospective silver-copper-gold projects in northern Chile.
Heritage Exploration was acquired by St Andrew Goldfields, which was acquired by Kirkland Lake Gold
Heritage Gold NZ is now New Talisman Gold Mines
Hernic Ferrochrome - Chrome/ferrochrome mining company operating in the North West Province of South Africa.
Heron Resources NL [ASX:HRR] - Developing the Goongarrie Nickel Mine
Hexagon Resources [ASX:HXG] - McIntosh graphite project in Western Australia.
Hi Ho Silver Resources [CSE:HHS] - Kettle River Property is located in south-central British Columbia
Hibernia Gold became Moly Mines, now Young Australian Mines
Hidefield Gold was acquired by Minera IRL
High 5 Ventures is now 37 Capital
High Grade Metals [ASX:HGM] - Projects in Austria.
High Plains Uranium was acquired by Energy Metals,now Uranium One
High River Gold is now Nord Gold
Highland Copper [TSX-V:HI] - Copper Range District of the Upper Peninsula, Michigan, USA
Highland Gold Mining [LSE:HGM] - Mnogovershinnoe gold mine in Russia.
Highlands Pacific was acquired by Cobalt 27 Capital
Highway 50 Gold [TSX-V:HWY] - Central Nevada, USA.
Hill 50 Gold NL was acquired by Harmony Gold Mining
Hill End Gold is now Pure Alumina
Hillgrove Resources [ASX:HGO] - Kanmantoo Copper Project
Hindalco Industries [Bombay:HINDALCO] - India's largest integrated aluminium producer
Hindmarsh Resources was acquired by Mega Uranium
Hindustan Copper - Vertically integrated copper producer in India
Hindustan Zinc [subsidiary of Vedanta Resources plc]- Operates lead-zinc mines.
Hinterland Metals [TSX-V:HMI] - Plateau PGE Project, southeast of Matagami, Quebec.
Hipo Resources (was Black Mountain Resources) [ASX:HIP] - Kamola Lithium Project in the DRC
HiTec-Energy is now Mesa Minerals
Hochschild Mining plc [LSE:HOC] - Silver producer in Peru
Holmer Gold Mines was acquired by Lake Shore Gold, merged with Tahoe Resources
Homegold Resources [private] - Industrial mineral, base and precious metal exploration and development company located in British Columbia.
Homestake Mining was acquired by Barrick Gold
Homestake Resource Corporation was acquired by Auryn Resources
Honey Badger Exploration [TSX-V:TUF] - Canada and United States.
Hope Bay Gold merged with Miramar Mining, now Newmont Goldcorp
Horizon Gold Limited [ASX:HRN] - Gum Creen Gold Project
Horizonte Minerals plc [LSE:HZM] - Mineral exploration in South America, particularly in Brazil and Peru.
Hornby Bay Exploration [TSX-V:HBE] - Uranium mineral properties located in Nunavut, Canada
Horseshoe Gold Mining is now Cosigo Resources
Horseshoe Metals [ASX:HOR] - Peak Hill Mineral Field
Hot Chili Limited [ASX:HCH] - Major interests in three large, multi-commodity copper projects in Chile.
Houston Lake Mining is now Frontier Lithium
Huakan International Mining [TSX-V:HK] - Currently focusing on projects in British Columbia
Hudbay Minerals [TSX:HBM] - Producer of copper, zinc and precious metals from its mines and plants in Manitoba and Saskatchewan.
Hudson Resources [TSX-V:HUD] - Sarfartoq Carbonatite Project which hosts Rare Earth Elements, near Kangerlussuaq, Greenland.
Hughes Drilling was acquired by Action Drill & Blast
Huldra Silver is now Nicola Mining
Hummingbird Resources [LSE:HUM] - Liberia
Hunt Mining [TSX-V:HMX] - Mineral rights in Santa Cruz Province, Argentina
Hunter Resources Plc - Gold and silver in Peru
Hunter Dickinson Inc. - Operates and administers several publicly traded mine exploration and development companies.
Hy Lake Gold is now West Red Lake Gold
Hybrid Minerals [TSX-V:HZ] - Blackbird cobalt-copper district within the Idaho Cobalt Belt.
Hyder Gold became Gleichen Resources, now Torex Gold Resources
Hylea Metals [ASX:HCO] - Exploration projects in New South Wales and Western Australia.

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