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Uranium Resources
Resource Capital Research - Free Reports
U308 Portal - Provides valuable market and company research, as well as a listing of leading public mining and exploration companies.
Uranium-Info - The Source for Uranium Prices and news Since 1968.
UxConsulting - One of the nuclear industry’s leading consulting companies.
Wikipedia:Uranium -
Wise Uranium Project - Excellent research site
List of Uranium Mining and Exploration Companies
World Nuclear Association - Global organisation that seeks to promote the peaceful worldwide use of nuclear power as a sustainable energy resource for the coming centuries.

Uranium Companies
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Acclaim Exploration NL [ASX:AEX] - Denny Dalton Uranium / Gold Project in South Africa.
African Energy Resources [ASX:AFR] - Uranium in Zambia, Botswana, and Malawi
Alberta Star Developments is now Elysee Development
Albidon Limited [ASX:ALB] - Uranium properties in Zambia.
Aldershot Resources [TSX-V:ALZ] - Uranium exploration in Quebec, Australia and Zambia
Aldrin Resource Corporation [TSX-V:ALN] - Uranium exploration in the Paterson Lake District, Saskatchewan
Alliance Resources [ASX:AGS] - Beverley 4 Mile uranium prospect
Alligator Energy [ASX:AGE] - Uranium exploration
Altius Minerals [TSX:ALS] - Michelin uranium deposit, Labrador, Canada.
American Energy Fields became Sagebrush Gold, now Pershing Gold
Anfield Resources [TSX-V:ARY] - Copper (Chile and Arizona) and Uranium (Arizona and Utah)
Anglo-Canadian Uranium [TSX-V:URA] - Quebec, British Columbia, and Mexico
Anglogold Ashanti [NYSE:AU] - Uranium byproduct from South Africa gold operations
Arafura Resources [ASX:ARU] - Northern Territory.
Aragon Resources is now Westgold Resources
Argo Exploration [ASX:AXT] - Copper, gold, and uranium
Athabasca Nuclear is now Clean Commodities
Atom Energy is now Excelsior GoldAtom Energy
Atomic Resources is now Intra Energy
Aura Energy [ASX:AEE] - Uranium in Western Australia
Aurora Energy is now Paladin Energy
Avoca Resources is now Alacer Gold
Azarga Uranium [TSX-V:AZZ] - Owns projecst in Colorado, South Dakota, and Wyoming (USA) and Kyrgyzstan.
Azimut Exploration [TSX-V:AZM] - Exploration for Copper-Uranium on the Manitou property in Quebec.
BHP Billiton [NYSE:BHP] - Olmypic Dam, South Australia
Bannerman Resources [ASX:BMN] - Namibia.
Bayswater Uranium [TSX-V:BYU] - Major landholdings in each of Canada's most important producing and exploration regions - the Athabasca Basin, the Central Mineral Belt, the Thelon Basin and the Hermitage Belt
Bearclaw Capital [TSX-V:BRL] - Uranium exploration in Quebec and in eastern Canada
Berkeley Resources [ASX:BKY] - Uranium project in Spain
Blue Sky Uranium [TSX-V:BSK] - Athabasca Basin in Northern Saskatchewan, and the Patagonia region of Argentina.
Bondi Mining [ASX:BOM] - Uranium in Northern Territory and Queensland
Boss Resources [ASX:BOE] - Honeymoon Uranium Project, South Australia
Bowen Energy [ASX:BWN] - Coal and uranium resources in Queensland.
Buck Lake Ventures is now Ultra Resources
Bullion Minerals Limited is now Uranium Equities
Calypso Acquisition [TSX-V:CLP] - Argentina uranium
Cameco [NYSE:CCJ] - Major uranium producer.
CanAlaska Ventures [TSX-V:CVV] - Saskatchewan uranium
Cazaly Resources [ASX:CAZ] - Western Australia
Clan Resources became Energy Metals, which was acquired by Uranium One
Commander Resources [TSX-V:CMD] - Newfoundland
Cogema [a subsidiary of Areva Group] - Uranium mining and processing
Consolidated Abaddon Resources is now Aben Resources
Consolidated Global Minerals [TSX-V:CTG] - Utah uranium via Global Uranium.
Consolidated Pacific Bay Minerals is now Pacific Bay Minerals
Continental Precious Minerals [TSX:CZQ] - Uranium exploration company with a focus on the development of its Swedish assets.
Cooper Minerals [TSX-V:CQ] - Uranium
Crescent Resources [TSX-V:CRC] - Boulder Lake Uranium Project, Manitoba.
Crossland Uranium Mines Limited [ASX:CUX] - Uranium exploration projects in the Northern Territory and South Australia
Dejour Enterprises [AMEX:DEJ] - Uranium properties in the Saskatchewan Athabasca Basin
Deep Yellow Limited [ASX:DYL] - Australia.
Denison Mines [TSE:DML] - McClean Lake and Midwest uranium projects, northern Saskatchewan.
Desert Energy [ASX:DSN] - Uranium
Dynasty Metals [ASX:DMA] - Exploration projects situated in nickel and gold mining regions of WA and Victoria.
ERO Mining is now Tychean Resources
ESO Uranium is now Alpha Minerals
East Asia Minerals [TSX-V:EAS] - Uranium in Mongolia
Eclipse Uranium [ASX:EUL] - Uranium exploration in the Northern Territory, Australia
El Nino Ventures [TSX-V:ELN] - Silver and molybdenum projects and/or uranium exploration projects.
Eloro Resources [TSX-V:ELO] - Quebec uranium.
Empire Resources [ASX:ERL] - Uranium, copper and gold
Encounter Resources [ASX:ENR] - Western Australia uranium
Energy and Minerals Australia [ASX:EMA] - Uranium in Western Australia.
Energy Metals was acquired by Uranium One
Energy Resources of Australia [ASX:ERA] - Ranger mine in the Northern Territory.
Energy Ventures [ASX:EVE] - Southern Africa uranium
Enterprise Uranium [ASX:ENU] - Western Australia exploration
Entourage Mining [Pinksheets:ENMGF] - Quebec and Saskatchewan
Epic Resources is now Ascot Resources Limited
Erdene Gold [TSX:ERD] - Mongolia
Erongo Energy [ASX:ERN] - Uranium projects in Namibia
Every Day Mine Services [ASX:EDS] - Providing specialised services to the mining industry since 1994
Excalibur Mining [ASX:EXM] - Gold in the Northern Territory of Australia
Extract Resources [ASX:EXT] - Namibia uranium
Ferrowest Limited [ASX:FWL] - Ferrowest Limited is developing the Yalgoo Iron Project, Western Australia
Firestone Ventures [TSX-V:FV] - Alberta
Fission 3.0 [TSX-V:FUU] - Strong portfolio of highly prospective properties in Canada’s Athabasca Basin,
Fission Energy [ASX:FIS] - Cobalt-nickel-manganese oxide deposit and in nickel and uranium exploration
Fjordland Exploration [TSX-V:FEX] - Olympic-Rob copper-gold-uranium project located in Yukon, Canada.
Formation Metals [TSX:FCO] - JV in Athabasca Basin, Saskatchewan
Forsys Metals [TSX:FSY] - uranium, precious and base metal projects in Namibia, Africa.
Forum Development [TSX-V:FDC] - Athabasca Basin, Saskatchewan
Frontier Pacific Mining was acquired by Eldorado Gold
Fusion Resources was acquired by Paladin Resources NL
GTI Resources [ASX:GTR] - Gold and uranium
General Atomics - Affiliated companies include:
Cotter Corporation - Colorado and Wyoming properties
Heathgate Resources - Beverley Uranium Mine, South Australia
Nuclear Fuels Corporation - Markets uranium produced from GA mining assets and develops additional uranium projects.
Rio Grande Resources Corporation - Mines in south Texas and New Mexico.
Giralia Resources was acquired by Atlas Iron Limited
Glengarry Resources is now Centaurus Metals
Globex Mining [TSX:GMX] - Quebec
Golden Patriot Corporation [OTCBB:GPXM] - Gold (Nevada) and Uranium (Arizona)
Golden State Resources [ASX:GDN] - Projects in Western Australia
Golden Valley Mines Limited [TSX-V:GZZ] - Saskatchewan
Goldstream Mining NL is now IMX Resources
Gulf Mines [ASX:GLM] - Uranium, diamonds, and gold (North Queensland and in the Northern Territory)
Hathor Exploration was acquired by Rio Tinto
Hawk Uranium is now Ring of Fire Resources
Heathgate Resources - Beverley uranium site in South Australia. General Atomics affiliate
Hindmarsh Resources was acquired by Mega Uranium
High Plains Uranium was acquired by Energy Metals, which was acquired by Uranium One
Homeland Uranium [Subsidiary of Homeland Energy Group] - Uranium projects in Niger, and Colorado, USA
Hornby Bay Exploration [TSX-V:HBE] - Uranium mineral properties located in Nunavut, Canada
ICN Resources was acquired by Corazon Gold
Image Resources [ASX:IMA] - Western Australia
International Uranium was acquired by Denison Mines
JNR Resources [TSX-V:JNN] - Canadian uranium exploration company.
Jet Metal [TSX-V:JET] - Uranium and vanadium explorer and developer with projects across North America.
Kalahari Minerals Plc [LSE:KAH] - Uranium exploration in Namibia
Kaz Atom - Uranium mining in the Republic of Kazakhstan.
Khan Resources [TSX:KRI] - Uranium in Mongolia
Kilgore Minerals has merged with Bayswater Uranium
Korab Resources [ASX:KOR] - Western Australia
Landmark Minerals was acquired by Ucore
Laramide Resources [TSE:LAM] - Westmoreland Copper/Gold/Uranium Project in Queensland, Australia.
Lateegra Gold was acquired by Excellon Resources
Lexam Explorations [TSX-V:LEX] - Otish Basin region uranium projects located in Quebec, Canada.
Linux Gold [OTCBB:LNXGF] - Alaska
Logan Resources [TSX-V:LGR] - Saskatchewan
Magnetic Resources [ASX:MAU] - Gold, nickel and uranium
Magnum Uranium was acquired by Energy Fuels
Marathon Resources [ASX:MTN] - South Australia
Marmota Energy [ASX:MEU] - South Australia uranium
Matamec Explorations [TSX-V:MAT] - Quebec
Matrix Metals [ASX:MRX] - Holdings in the Mt. Isa - Cloncurry region.
Mawson Resources [TSX:MAW] - Projects in Sweden
Max Resource [TSX-V:MXR] - New Mexico and Utah claims
Maximus Resources [ASX:MXR] - Eromanga Basin Uranium
Mega Uranium [TSX:MGA] - property interests are in Australia, Argentina, Mongolia, Africa and Canada.
Mesa Exploration [TSX-V:MSA] - Exploring for uranium in the Lisbon Valley Mining District in Southeastern Utah.
Metals Australia [ASX:MLS] - Uranium in Namibia. (was Australian United Gold)
Mexivada Mining [TSX-V:MNV] - Molybdenum and Uranium in Nevada and Mexico
Mill Bay Ventures is now Great Thunder Gold
Mindax [ASX:MDX] - Yilgarn Shield of Western Australia
Monaro Mining is now AusAmerican Mining
Monax Mining [ASX:MOX] - Uranium in Gwaler Craton, Australia
Monster Copper was acquired by Mega Uranium
NWT Uranium [TSX-V:NWT] - highly prospective portfolio of properties around the world
Navoi Mining & Metallurgy [government] - Republic of Uzbekistan
Newera Uranium [ASX:NRU] - Western Australia and the Northern Territory
Niger Uranium [LSE:URU] - Incorporated in May 2007 by UraMin and NWT Uranium to combine their uranium license areas and expertise in the Republic of Niger.
Northern Canadian Minerals was acquired by Bayswater Uranium
Northern Continental Resources was acquired by Hathor Exploration, which was acquired by Rio Tinto
Northern Minerals [ASX:NTU] - Uranium in Western Australia and the Northern Territory
Northwestern Mineral Ventures is now NWT Uranium
Nova Energy was acquired by Toro Energy
Nu Energy Uranium Corporation was acquired by Mega uranium
Nuinsco Resources [TSE:NWI] - Sasktachewan
Oklo Resources [ASX:OKU] - Uranium in Australia and Mali.
Omega Corp Limited was acquired by Denison Mines
Pacific Bay Minerals [TSX-V:PBM] - Exploring for uranium and gold in Argentina and Quebec.
Pacmag Metals was acquired by Entree Gold
Palace Resources [ASX:PXR] - Uranium in Australia
Paladin Energy [ASX:PDN] [TSX:PDN] - Uranium production company with projects currently in Australia and two operating mines in Africa with a strategy to become a major uranium mining house.
Pancontinental Uranium Corporation [TSX-V:PUC] - Uranium exploration in Australia
Pele Mountain Resources [TSX-V:GEM] - Elliot Lake Uranium Project in Northern Ontario.
Peninsula Energy [ASX:PEN] - Uranium-molybdenum in South Africa.
Pepinnini Minerals [ASX:PNN] - Crocker Well and Mt Victoria Uranium Prospects
Pitchstone Exploration was acquired by Fission Energy, now Fission Uranium
Polaris Metals was acquired by Mineral Resources Limited
Polo Resources [TSX:POL]- Uranium and coal projects worldwide
Prime Minerals [ASX:PIM] - Uranium explorer
Purepoint Uranium [TSX-V:PTU] - Athabasca Basin
Quaterra Resources [TSX-V:QTA] - Arizona
Quest Uranium is now Quest Rare Minerals
RPT Uranium [TSX-V:RPT] - Canada.
Range Resources [ASX:RRS] - Uranium project in Peru
Red Dragon Resources is now Brazilian Gold
Redport Limited was acquired by Mega Uranium
Redhill Energy is now Prophecy Coal
Renaissance Uranium [ASX:RNU] -
Rossing Uranium - Largest open cast uranium mine in the world. in Namibia. Part of the Rio Tinto Group
Rum Jungle Resources [ASX:RUM] - Northern Territory uranium explorer
Sabre Resources [ASX:SBR] - Tanzania uranium
Santoy Resources is now Virginia Energy Resources
Scimitar Resources is now Cauldron Energy
Silver Spruce Resources [TSX-V:SSE] - Uranium exploration projects in Labrador, Canada
Solex Resources is now Southern Andes Energy
Solitaire Minerals is now Pistol Bay Mining
Southern Andes Energy [TSX-V:SUR] - Uranium in Peru (was Solex Resources)
Southern Gold [ASX:SAU] - South Australia
Southern Uranium is now Investigator Resources
Standard Uranium was acquired by Energy Metals, which was acquired by Uranium One
Starfire Minerals [TSX-V:SFR] - Focused on uranium and nickel projects in Quebec & Ontario, Canada.
Stellar Resources [ASX:SRZ] - Warrior uranium project
Strateco Resources [TSX:RSC] - Canada.
Strathmore Minerals [TSX:STM] - Uranium properties in Arizona and New Mexico
Summit Resources [ASX:SMM] - Valhalla uranium deposit in northwest Queensland, Australia
Terra Ventures [TSX-V:TAS] - Uranium properties in Saskatchewan, Northern Québec and Utah
Thelon Ventures [TSX-V:THV] - Projects in Canada and Nevada.
Tigris Uranium [TSX-V:TU] - New Mexico
Titan Uranium was acquired by Energy Fuels
Top End Uranium [ASX:TEU] - Prospective uranium regions in the Northern Territory of Australia.
Toro Energy [ASX:SMM] - Uranium interests of Oxiana Limited and Minotaur Exploration in South Australia
Tournigan Gold [TSX-V:TVC] - Slovakia and Wyoming
Triex Minerals is now Canterra Minerals
Twenty-Seven Capital was acquired by Mega Uranium
U Mining Resources [Pinksheets:UMNG] - Quebec uranium (was Globex)
U308 Limited is now Avocet Resources
UEX Corporation [TSX:UEX] - Athabasca Basin in northern Saskatchewan.
UNOR changed its name back to Hornby Bay Exploration
UGL Enterprises became Redhill Energy, now Prophecy Coal
Ucore [TSX-V:UCU] - Exploration holdings across North America
Uranio became Manhattan Corporation
Ultra Resources [TSX-V:ULT] - Kelnica-SelecUranium Project, Slovakia.
United Uranium [TSX-V:UUC] - Hatchet Lake, Saskatchewan uranium program
Universal Uranium is now Expedition Mining
Ur Energy [TSX:URE] - Uranium in Wyoming
Uracan Resources [TSX-V:URC] - Exploration company focused on developing bulk tonnage, near-surface uranium deposits within its two 100%-owned projects in Quebec and Saskatchewan, Canada
Uragold Bay Resources  [TSX-V:UBR] - Uranium exploration in Canada.
Uramin was acquired by Areva
Uranerz Energy Corporation [AMEX:URZ] - Uranium properties in Saskatchewan (Canada), Mongolia and Wyoming (U.S.A.)
Uranex is now Magnis Resources
Uranium Bay Resources is now Uragold Bay Resources
Uranio is now Manhattan Corporation
Uranium Corporation of India [government] - Production at Jaduguda Mine, since 1967.
Uranium Energy [OTCBB:UEC] - Southwestern US
Uranium Equities [ASX:UEQ] -Australina uranium exploration
Uranium Hunter [OTCBB:URHN] - Exploring for uranium and gold in East Africa.
Uranium North Resources merged with Diamonds North Resources to form Adamera Minerals
Uranium Oil & Gas [ASX:UOG] - Uranium and hydocarbons in WA and NT, Australia.
Uranium One [TSX:UUU] - Owns the Akdala Uranium Mine in Kazakhstan and the Dominion Reefs Uranium Mine in South Africa. Engaged in uranium exploration activities in the Athabasca Basin of Saskatchewan, the United States, South Africa, Australia and the Kyrgyz Republic.
Uranium Participation [TSX:U] - Investment holding company for assets in uranium oxide
Uranium Power became Titan Uranium, which was acquired by Energy Fuels/a
Uranium Resources [NASDAQ:URRE] - Acquires, explores, and develops uranium properties in the United States.
Uranium Resources Plc [LSE:URA] - Portfolio of uranium deposits in Southern Africa and Australia
UraniumSA [ASX:USA] - Gawler Craton uranium province
Urasia Energy was acquired by Uranium One
Uravan Minerals [TSX-V:UVN] - Northwest Territories
Ursa Major Minerals [TSX:UMJ] - Ontario
ValGold Resources [TSX-V:VAL] - Manitoba
Valhalla Uranium was qcquired by Paladin Resources NL
Vane Minerals [LSE:VML] - Properties in Mexico, Paraguay, and U.S.
Vanguard Minerals [OTCBB:VNGM] - Uranium bearing areas of Western Canada
Vena Resources [TSX:VEM] - Precious and base metals, and uranium in Peru
WCP Resources [ASX:WCP] - Uranium, gold, copper and energy sectors
Waseco Resources [TSX-V:WRI] - Uranium in the Quebec and Labrador
Wealth Minerals [TSX-V:WML] - Uranium in Argentina
WellStar Energy [TSX-V:WSE] - Uranium in Saskatchewan
Western Prospector Group was acquired by CNCC
Western Uranium is now Concordia Resource Corp
Whinnen Resources [ASX:WWW] - Western Australia uranium explorer.
Xemplar Energy [TSX-V:XE] - Namibia uranium properties
Xstate Resources [ASX:XST] - Uranium exploration in Arizona
Yellowcake plc - Formed primarily to invest in uranium projects, initially in Canada, the US, South Africa and in various states of the former Soviet Union.
Yellow Rock Resources [ASX:YRR] - Vanadium and uranium in Western Australia and the Northern Territory
Zeus Resources [ASX:ZEU] - Uranium in Western Australia.

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